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                       The  word  'Grievance'  appears  20  times in the published writings of EGW           

                      The word  'Grievances'  appears  114 times in the published writings of EGW    pages are not on Original site                                                              

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            +   Personal grievance  (  )

            +   Grieved  (  )   - -   Grieved Christ by . . .  (  )   >   Christ has been grieved

                                   +   When aggrieved  ( 3 )    >   Felt aggrieved  ( 4 )


  How grieved Christ is by the lack of love and tenderness manifested by his people in their dealings with one another! He notes the words, the tones of the voice. He hears the harsh, severe judgment passed on those whom he, in infinite love, is presenting to the Father. He hears every sigh of pain and sorrow caused by human harshness, and his Spirit is grieved.  {RH, March 17, 1903 par. 7}


  There was “a strife among them, which of them should be accounted the greatest.” This contention, carried on in the presence of Christ, grieved and wounded Him. The disciples clung to their favorite idea that Christ would assert His power, and take His position on the throne of David. And in heart each still longed for the highest place in the kingdom. They had placed their own estimate upon themselves and upon one another, and, instead of regarding their brethren as more worthy, they had placed themselves first. The request of James and John to sit on the right and left of Christ’s throne had excited the indignation of the others. That the two brothers should presume to ask for the highest position so stirred the ten that alienation threatened. They felt that they were misjudged, that their fidelity and talents were not appreciated. Judas was the most severe upon James and John. { DA 643.4} 






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