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  I have been promoting the church on the internet since 2001 and on the networking site for the last twelve years.  I have developed internet connections with thousands of Seventh-day Adventists from all over the world.

 In 2007 The Lord impressed me with this Scripture                                                           

“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”
Hebrews 10: 25  [ KJV ]


The Lord knew that in the last days - there would be instant worldwide communications.

LINKEDin technology can search over 500 million people and allow you to contact the ones you find interesting, it can also be used as a resource for communications and for evangelism.

   There are now 5,885  Adventists on the first level of my LinkedIN network  - - these Adventists are connected to more than 2.2 million people (my second level).  I estimate this 2nd level has over 400,000 Adventists and 1,800,000+ friends of the 5,885  Adventists on my first level  - I don't know exactly how many Adventists are in my third level which is over 29.0 million people.

  In April 2020,  145 Adventists joined my network and  420 joined the groups that I manage 
(see list of groups I am involved with below).  Praise the Lord, this is the most growth in one month. It could be because of Covid-19 virus has caused more people to reach out to others via the internet. 

            LINKEDin  Groups   and   Company  pages

     The LINKEDin technology for groups has many useful features  -   Learn about LINKEDin Groups       

        LINKEDin company page for  E-ventist Network      ( 1,500 members )


          There are over  10,000 Adventists in the twenty-nine groups for Adventists I am involved with.   There are a total of twenty-four sub-groups within some of these 29 main groups.  There are many interesting Adventists in the group called  E-ventist  Network and  I invite you to join this group (over 4,090 members ) and see if you like it.    The numbers on this page were last updated on  June 15, 2022.

  In March 2012, the General Conference legal department strongly requested that I remove trademarked names from ten of my groups and "the other groups for Adventists" on the list below. This list has been edited to reflect the new Group names, and on the left you will see the original name of the group.

    Please read the guidelines suggested by NAD for conference calls and on-line discussions.

     The 27 groups below are organized by Professional Groups - - Geographic location - - Specialty groups   

                                                           Newest group:    Launched May 10, 2020           See more info
                   To join:   Covid-19 Survivors who are grateful to God          
                                                            Recent news (Feb. 4) reported 60 million confirmed cases in USA - and 900,000 deaths, so there are millions of survivors - Help me invite the ones God saved to join this group.

  On Dec. 29, 2021, there were 512,000 new confirmed cases in the USA (in this one day) -- January 2022 update - news reported  4 1/2 million confirmed cases in the first week of January.  


    Note:   Name changed on March 18, 2012

   URL to Join 

           E-ventist  Network          

                       ( 4,095  members )     
                   More information about this group   

                                             There are six Sub-groups:               

►    e-ventist Pastors   ( 806  members )​


►   e-ventist Church Leaders 
  - Discussion of message of Three Angels
      of Rev. 14 and angel of Rev. 18  --
►  e-ventists in Australia & New Zealand       ( 50 members )​       

►  Discussion of  'The Great Controversy'  ( 40 Members )


►  Church Manual  and  Working  Policies  - -  

►   GIEN = Global Internet Evangelism Network  ( 45 members )      




              There is also a LINKEDin company page for E-ventist Network  ( which is different than the group ) it has 1,500 followers.


                       P r o f e s s i o n a l       G r o u p s

               Accounting      -      Health  Care       -       Education       -        Publishing       -       Media  /  Communications       -       Law  Practice        -        Information  Technology      -      Animation  &  Graphics Design       -       Real  Estate       -       Human  Resources     -     MUSIC  



     E-ventsts   in   Accounting

       Started:   Oct. 27, 2019         138 members

       URL to join:  


     E-ventists  in  Music

    Started:  Feb. 1, 2018          79 members
    URL to join:                                     



     E-ventists in Information Technology

                 ( 900 members) 

                               URL to join​      

                               Sub-group:   Church Webmasters / Web Developers  ( 46 members )   

                                                     URL to join:                            



              E-ventists in Education     ( 1,013  members )    Click for Information

                          URL to join​

                   2 Related groups:    ‘Creation vs Evolution Debate’       
                                    ​e-Learning and Distance Learning   - -  ( 109 members )

                               E-ventists  in  Health  Care  


                                       ( 1,202 members )


         URL to join​
Adventist  Nurses   ( 102 members as of 4/30/22 )     


                    E-ventists  in  Publishing   

                                 ( 330 members )   

             URL to Join​
                                                  Sub-groups:     e-ventist Authors    ( 49 members )

                                                        URL to join: 

                                                              Book Review Team   ( 12 members )


                                      E-ventists in Media and Communications