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   We are pleased to present a reading and discussion of the SoP book 'Christ's  Object  Lessons'   ( started  June 2022 )



         Currently studying  Chapter 1:   Teaching in Parables     ( Started  June 2022 )



    Previous  study:    Last Day Events   

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  >  Chapter 18: >  7 Last Plagues and Righteous  

  >  Chapter 17   >  7 Last Plagues and the Wicked

  >  Chapter 12  >  The Shaking  Click here 

  >  Chapter 11  >   Satan's Last Deception  ( Dec. 17 to Jan. 26, 2021 )

  >  Chapter 9    >   Sunday Laws   ( Sept. 15 to Oct. 28 )   

  >  Chapter 8    >   The Cities  ( Aug. 18, to Sept. 10, 2020 )

  >  Chapter 7    >   Country Living   ( July 28 to Aug. 13, 2020 )

  >  Chapter 6    >   Lifestlye and Activities of the Remnant  ( June 4  to July 23, 2020 )

  >  Chapter 5     >  Devotional Life of the Remnant  ( April 23  to  June 2, 2020 )

  <  Chapter 4     >  God's Last Day Church   ( Feb. 20  to  April 21, 2020 )

  <  Chapter 3 — When Shall These Things Be?”   ( Jan. 23  to  Feb. 18, 2020 )

  <  Chapter  2     >   ( Dec.  5, 2019  to  Jan. 21, 2020 )

  <  Chapter  1    >   ( Nov. 12, 2019  to  Dec. 3, 2020 )  



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               previous  study  (2016  to  2019)      Prophets  and  Kings 

                                   Chapter 58    "Coming of a Deliverer"

                        Click here  and find the book mark for where we left off last time.

                 We invite you to read beyond the book mark (at least four pages) to prepare for the next discussion

We would come together burdened in soul, praying that we might be one in faith and doctrine; for we knew that Christ is not divided. One point at a time was made the subject of investigation. The Scriptures were opened with a sense of awe. Often we fasted, that we might be better fitted to understand the truth. After earnest prayer, if any point was not understood, it was discussed and each one expressed his opinion freely; then we would again bow in prayer, and earnest supplications went up to heaven that God would help us to see eye to eye, that we might be one, as Christ and the Father are one. Many tears were shed.  {CET 192.4}


   Ellen White wrote, "God gave me the light contained in The Great Controversy  and  Patriarchs and Prophets and this light was needed to arouse the people to prepare for the great day of God, which is just before us. These books contain God's direct appeal to the people. Thus He is speaking to the people in stirring words, urging them to make ready for His coming. The light God has given in these books should not be concealed." -- CM 128, 129.  and PM 357.1

   Please read the guidelines suggested by NAD for conference calls and on-line discussions.

You can also go to the FORUM and post a comment on the Thread for this group. Your comment should talk about the paragraph you want to talk about at the next session and a brief description of the points you want to group to focus on.  The moderator will use these comments as a guide to the discussion. So please post your comments before noon on Thursday.  Not everyone will use the FORUM, but as the group grows it will become necessary to work from this agenda.  At this point the group is still small and everyone can participate easily. 

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