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  The internet has an incredible amount of information and we are attempting to categorize and organize a list of helpful resources for on-line videos, books and documents.

   Below are LINKS to many on-line resources where you can find useful information

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        Please note that does not necessarily support every group listed below.         

                   We provide this information as a service, not as a recommendation.

             An interesting website this month is  Executive Committee Newsletter 
                    see videos of Annual Council in Oct. 2017
                        Last Month was 
Dead Sea Scrolls On-line

   Adventist Colleges   
   Adventist Historical Research Material
   Adventist Ministries   ( List of Independent Ministries )
   Adventist Periodicals

   Adventist Pioneers  -  The Pioneers of the Advent Movement

   Adventist Publishing Organizations
   Official Church Ministries

      L i s t s 

    General Conference Executive Committee
     -  List of Members Attending to Fall Council  -  in Oct. 2017    ( List of 2018 Fall Council Members )

     -  GC Session in St. Louis ( June 2022 )   -  List of members of standing committees

      Unions and Conferences in North American Division 
( NAD Executive Committee members )

          List of Adventists in Ohio         ( many names LINK to their LINKEDin profile )


   The official church position on . . .

   Official statements and guidelines voted since 1980
   Guidelines for . . .
   28 Fundamental Beliefs
   Operation of the Church - - the Church Manual
   Other documents
   Theology of Ordination Study Committee  ( preparing report for 60th GC Session )
   The Urgency of Urban Mission - Oct. 2013


    Policies and statements  voted by the Church:
                   Unity in Mission  -   Voted by GC on Oct. 11, 2016

                                                 -   Procedures voted by GC on Oct. 14, 2018

                  Human Sexuality  -   Voted by NAD on Nov. 2, 2015    Human Sexuality - PDF 




                                                                                    Adventist College Libraries
                                                                                    other major College Libraries

​                                                                                       TimeLines



           On-line  Books    -   Separate page for books you can read on the internet

                        Audio -  Audio Books by the Pioneers  - 

   New Book -  Reflections on Issues in Music and Worship by Michael G. Coleman (Pub. March 2019)

        A Nation in God's Hands (EGW and the Civil War) by Jud Lake, Published in 2017 by Pacific Press

        Recent books - Understanding Ellen White  (published Oct. 2016) Not on internet yet


    Digital  Media

           and  internet      


                   Adventist Broadcast Media Page   - -   Ministries and people
                  Adventist World Radio,  Silver Spring, MD
                  Blueprint: God's GPS   presented by Ivor Myers
                  Jesus Film Project  (see story of Jesus in 1,000 languages)
                  Church Unity - 2017    Mario Veloso   Two Paths to Unity  ( Aug. 3, 2017 ) 
and   That they all may be One
                  Jesus in the Old Testament  (a non Adventist site, there are some errors)

        I n t e r e s t i n g     V i d e o s

     Tell the World  (2 hours about Ellen White and the early pioneers of SDA church )   Recommended

     Here I Stand: The Life of Martin Luther  (2 hour Documentary) - Director,  T.N. Mohan
     These Last Days  --  Nader Mansour  ( 1 hour )  Recommended

     How Satan Operates - Stephen Bohr - 2010  ( 60 minutes )     Checked:  Jan. 2018  Does not play

       Three Angels Tube, Pompano Beach, Florida      

         List of 50 Videos on Three Angels Tube

         Other Videos on the Internet  - - Keepers of the Flame  ( set of 8 videos )
                                      - - The Seventh Day (in 5 parts) Hosted by Hal Holbrook

    Barry Black, Chaplain to US Senate -- Speech at National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 2, 2017 - here is the LINK  and there is a transcript of it on the White House website  --


   Three Angels Broadcasting Network ( aka 3ABN )  Helpful information
          3ABN Media page

    Independent Ministries   (see Adventist Ministries page above)

      About  the  Sabbath  


       Answers to Objections to keeping the Sabbath  

      Walter Veith -  'The Meaning of Rest'  - Oct. 2017    ( 98 minutes )

     Secrets Unsealed - Stephen Bohr - Worship at Satan's Throne - Aug. 2013



   Spiritual  Formation

   The Omega of Apostasy - Victor Gill
   Emerging Church and the One Project - - by Ron Duffield
    SlideShare  (Part 1)
   Books Available:  Meet It, Rick Howard - D'Sozo - Dave Fiedler - 
   Omega Rebellion - Worship at Satan's Throne - Hidden Heresy - Mystic Omega - Tremble 
   Dangers of Contemplative Prayer
   Publications by Remnant Publications and Lighthouse Trails


 Media projects  (still a work in progress)
 Work of the Church in the last days - 
 Film Project "War in Heaven, War on earth"    See Trailer
 Movie:  War Room  ( 2016 )  ( 90 minutes )
 Movie:  God's Not Dead 2  ( 2016 )  ( 120 minutes )


 Audio only messages  - Audioverse -
 Love in the End Times -  Eugene Prewitt   (April 2014)
 Audio Books by the Pioneers  -  -
 Morris Venden - Message about Assurance of Salvation - 1997
I recommend a series on the family that can be found on The theme from the series comes from Psalm 127:1, "Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it..."


    Church  Websites  

    (recommended because of pages with exceptional content)  
        Click Here to see list


   Websites  which  show  that  Science  proves  creation

   Big Bang Theory Blows up - -  Dr. David Gentry
   Fingerprints of Creation  - -  Dr. Robert Gentry
   Geology  -  Supports Biblical Record
   Institute for Creation Research, San Diego   Dr. Steven Austin


Timeline of people and events in the Bible  -   

  Tell the World   ( 2 hour dramatization about early SDA church history )

  Cosmic Conflict  (The Origin of Evil)  by Amazing Facts 

  How the Sabbath was Changed to Sunday

Dead Sea Scrolls On-line

           Church   History

     150 Anniversary  -  Oct. 1, 2010

      Adventist Historical Research Material       

       Adventist Heritage Ministry


   Books about the History of the Church
Tell it to the World 
by C. Mervyn Maxwell
Biography of Ellen White by Arthur White (6 Volumes)
Foundations of the SDA Message and Mission by Gerard Damsteegt

Suggested by visitors to this site
"The Midnight Cry" - F.D. Nichol
"Magnificent Disappointment" - C. Mervyn Maxwell


Websites promoting the Sabbath and Third angel's message

Sabbath proclaimed in book written in 1657
by Thomas Tillam

     Adventist Links found on other websites

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