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                The  word  Gospel  appears  8,091  times in the writings of Ellen G. White      See page on original site 

           +    Gospel message   ( 338 )

           +    Accept the Gospel   (  )     >    accepting the Gospel  (  )

           +    Everlasting gospel   ( 71 )

           +    power of the Gospel   ( 79 )    >    the saving power of the gospel  ( 8 )  

         +++   Preach the gospel  (  )   +   Preaching the gospel  ( 197 )

           +    Principles of the Gospel   (  )   >   Contrary to the principles of the Gospel  ( 2 )  

           +    recognize the gospel   ( 7 )

           +    Treasurers of the Gospel   (   )


       the  Gospel  of  Christ

           +      the Gospel of Christ   ( 492 )   >

           +      the Gospel of Christ is . . .   ( see favorite below )



       Reject the Gospel


           +    Rejection of the Gospel  ( 10 ) 


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  Not one cloud has fallen upon the church that God has not prepared for; not one opposing force has risen to counterwork the work of God but He has foreseen. All has taken place as He has predicted through His prophets. He has not left His church in darkness, forsaken, but has traced in prophetic declarations what would occur, and through His providence, acting in its appointed place in the world's history, He has brought about that which His Holy Spirit inspired the prophets to foretell.  All His purposes will be fulfilled and established. His law is linked with His throne, and satanic agencies combined with human agencies cannot destroy it. Truth is inspired and guarded by God; it will live, and will succeed, although it may appear at times to be overshadowed. The gospel of Christ is the law exemplified in character. The deceptions practiced against it, every device for vindicating falsehood, every error forged by satanic agencies, will eventually be eternally broken, and the triumph of truth will be like the appearing of the sun at noonday. The Sun of Righteousness shall shine forth with healing in His wings, and the whole earth shall be filled with His glory.  {17MR 10.1}​ {2SM 108.2}  {Mar 18.3}


  The apostles, however, were not turned aside from their mission, for many were accepting the gospel of Christ. In the face of opposition, envy, and prejudice they went on with their work, "speaking boldly in the Lord," and God "gave testimony unto the word of His grace, and granted signs and wonders to be done by their hands." These evidences of divine approval had a powerful influence on those whose minds were open to conviction, and converts to the gospel multiplied.  {AA 177.2}


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