Flaw in LINKEDin messaging - April 2024

My experience with customer service 


  --  Reply from Customer Service

                                                               My reply on April 27, 2024

You keep closing a case that is not resolved - I claim there is a flaw in your system - and I am asking you to fix it.  You suggest I invite Marisela to connect, obvious you did not read the previous messages. My first contact was to invite her to LINK - she did not respond so next I sent her an in-mail

Please read the In-Mail message I sent to Marisela Ventura - on Dec. 6, 2023 – you will see that it tells her the reason I invited her to LINK is to tell her about the Accounting group and I give the URL for her to check it out.  Obviously she opened the In-Mail because he  opened the URL, and requested to join the group. I claim this is a response – 
She did not see the need to respond to the In-Mail because she got into the group. The purpose of the In-Mail was to tell her about the group.  THE PROBLEM IS that she does not know that by not responding to the In-Mail she has in effect blocked me from invited her to LINK and blocked me from contacting her as a member of the group.
 I don't know if this is the intent or your policy change, and if not this shows a flaw in the new LINKEDin policy – I asked SWEEDLE to speak to another person in customer service and then you responded. 
A week ago SWEEDLE said she would help me and offered a process. I should have accepted the process she offered - because you suggest I invite her to LINK - and I did that in November. ( six months ago )
It seems the SWEEDLE was not as bad as I thought -- so please transfer this case back to her. I will apologize and do the process that she suggests.  You can learn from this experience (first suggestion is to read the previous messages - to see if your solution was not tried already)

  --  reply from Customer service




  --  reply from customer service


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