Books of Bible in Chronological order

                                          c h r o n o l o g i c a l      B I B L E                                       

          Books  of  the  bible  in  Chronological  order

  To read the Bible chronologically, we suggest you read through the books of the Bible in the following order. You can use the Bible Reading Record to help you keep track of your reading each day. This chronological order introduces the full 66 Bible books but according to the description within them. They are not introduced by the time they are written as we find what is more interesting and helpful is the time they are written. For example, Acts was written after the Pauline epistles but since it describes the early activities of the church, we have placed it before the many Pauline and other letters written. The same is true with the Gospels. John was perhaps the latest book written but since it describes the early ministry of Jesus, we have placed it before the books describing the birth of the church of God.

 •  GENESIS      •  JOB      •  EXODUS      •  LEVITICUS      •  NUMBERS      •  DEUTERONOMY      •  JOSHUA     •  JUDGES      •  RUTH      •  I SAMUEL      •  II  sAMUEL      •  I  CHRONICLES      •  PSALMS      •  SONG OF SONGS      •  PROVERBS      •  ECCLESIASTES          •  I  KINGS         •  II KINGS      •  II  CHRONICLES      •  ISAIAH      •  JEREMIAH      •  LAMENTATIONS       • HOSEA      •  JOEL      •  AMOS       •  OBADIAH       •  JONAH       •  MICAH       •  NAHUM         •  HABAKKUK       •  ZEPHANIAH      •  EZEKIEL       *  DANIEL       •  EZRA      •  ESTHER      • NEHEMIAH      •  HAGGAI     •  ZECHARIAH      •  MALACHI     

•  MATTHEW      •  MARK       • LUKE      •  JOHN     •  ACTS      •  I  THESSALONIANS     •  II  THESSALONIANS      •  I CORINTHIANS      •  II  CORINTHIANS      •  GALATIANS      •  ROMANS      •  JAMES      • COLOSSIANS     •  PHILEMON     •  EPHESIANS     •  PHILIPPIANS     •  I PETER     •  II PETER     •  HEBREWS     •     I  TIMOTHY     •  TITUS      •  II  TIMOTHY      •  JUDE      •  I JOHN      •  II JOHN      •  III  JOHN      •  REVELATION





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