Our Need for Improvement

We should not reach the point that we think we have arrived and that there is no need for improvement. We are living in the time of the Laodicean church and we are told by "the faithful and true witness" that we do not realize our true condition and our true needs.  

Anyone who can admit to their needs are on their way towards satisfying them.  
Here is an excerpt from an interview with Donald King, President of Atlantic Union Conference, which appeared in the Atlantic Union Gleaner's Nov. 2009 issue, page 6 and 7.

       Interviewer:  What areas do you think we need to improve as a union?

  • Donald King: ". . . Another area that we can use improvement is for all of us leaders - - administrators, pastors, teachers, local elders, church officers, members. parents, single adults, and youth - - to hold ourselves accountable and to hold each other accountable for the biblical truths we believe and ought to practice. This includes treating one another with respect and refusing to engage in harmful gossip and destructive criticism. As the Apostle Paul reminds us: "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another"  Romans 12: 10.
    Speaking of accountability, I'm also pleased to report that in 2008 five of the six conferences in the Atlantic Union implemented pastoral evaluations with the goal of improving the professional performance of our pastoral workforce. At the Atlantic Union office the officers and directors are periodically evaluated by the union executive committee."

There are over 100,000 members in the Atlantic Union Conference and when the President talks about improving the Union he is wise to include "accountability" in the discussion and to identify "truths we believe and ought to practice" - We at DiggingForTruth.org are interested in statements like this where a church leader is willing to put "accountability" on the table.  Please contact us if you know of similar statements so we can include them on this page.

We would like to 'dig deeper' into areas where church leaders are willing to recognize the need for improvement. 

We have created another page to report on the progress by the Atlantic Union Conference over the last nine months. Click on Atlantic Union Conference to see that page. Since this page is under construction some visitors will need a password to enter. If you are asked for your password - please contact us to request a Password.

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