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        The word "Suspicion"  appears 536  times in the writings of Ellen White                        See page on Original website

           +      above suspicion   ( 5 )

           +     degree of suspicion  (  )

           +     jealousy and suspicion   (  )    >   distrust and suspicion  (  )

           +     Under suspicion  ( 7 )    

                  ►     Arouse suspicion  ( 10 )    >   aroused suspicion  ( 2 )


                                       .  .  .   with   suspicioin            ( appears  - -  times )                                          

                    +     regard with suspicion  ( 1 )   >   regarded with suspicion  ( 10 )

                    +     look with suspicion  ( 12 )    >   looked upon with suspicion  ( 9 )

                    +     met with suspicion  (  )


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It is not the opposition of the world that most endangers the church of Christ. It is the evil cherished in the hearts of believers that works their most grievous disaster and most surely retards the progress of God's cause. There is no surer way of weakening spirituality than by cherishing envy, suspicion, faultfinding, and evil surmising. On the other hand, the strongest witness that God has sent His Son into the world is the existence of harmony and union among men of varied dispositions who form His church. This witness it is the privilege of the followers of Christ to bear. But in order to do this, they must place themselves under Christ's command. Their characters must be conformed to His character and their wills to His will.  {AA 549.1}


Those who are appointed to guard the spiritual interests of the church should be careful to set a right example,giving no occasion for envy, jealousy, or suspicion, ever manifesting that same spirit of love, respect, andcourtesy which they desire to encourage in their brethren. Diligent heed should be given to the instructions of God's word. Let every manifestation of animosity or unkindness be checked; let every root of bitterness be removed. When trouble arises between brethren, the Saviour's rule should be strictly followed. All possible effort should be made to effect a reconciliation; but if the parties stubbornly persist in remaining at variance, they should be suspended till they can harmonize.  {5T 241.2}  Testimonies, Vol. 5, page 241.2


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