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          The word  "Spiritual"  appears  9,341  times  in the writings of Ellen G. White             Page on Original website

          +      Spiritual Adultery   ( 4 )

          +      Spiritual awakening  ( 10 )  >

          +      Spiritual Blessings   (  )  >

          +      Spiritual condition  (  )   see below       also  spiritual standing

         ++     Spiritual death  ( 54 )   >   spiritually dead  ( 22 )

          +      Spiritual discernment   ( 258 )   ►    without spiritual discernment
                                                                        >    discerning spiritual things  (12)

              Spiritual Disease    (under construction)

          +     Spiritual dominion  (  )   see favorite below

          +     Spiritual experience  ( 71 )   >  progress in spiritual experience  ( 3 )

          +     Spiritual Eyesight    ( 198 )
          +     Spiritual Growth  ( 162 )     ►     true Spiritual growth 

          +     spiritual interests  (  )    ►   spiritual interests of the church  (  )

          +    Spiritual Israel  ( 8 )

             Spiritual Life  ( 748 )      >   renewal of spiritual life  (  )     >    breath of spiritual life  ( 17 )
                                                          science of spiritual life  (  )

             Spiritual  miasma   ( 3 )

          +    Spiritual manifestations   ( 24 )   ►    Belief in Spiritual manifestations  

        +++    Spiritual perception  ( 41 )     ►     Spiritual perceptions  ( 40 )

          +    Spiritual Power  ( 299 )         ►    Strong in Spiritual Power   ( 8 )

          +    Spiritual pride  (  )    >

          +    Spiritual pulse  (  )  >

          +    Spiritual Recovery  (  )

         +     Spiritual Regeneration  ( 8 )   >

        +++     Spiritual things  ( 732 )    +   spiritual things are spiritually discerned  (  )

         +    Spiritual Truth  ( 70 )      ►     Great Spiritual Truth    ( under construction )
                                                        ►    Spiritual Truths  ( 70 )     >    Spiritual truths of the written word    

         +    Spiritual warfare  ( 30 )    >   preparation for the spiritual warfare   

         +    Spiritual world  (  )


                               Spiritually   >                                                                                                                

              +     spiritually dead  ( 22 )      [ also  dead spiritually  ( 4 ) ]

              +     Spiritually defective  (  )



                                       Spiritual  condition     >    spiritual  conditions                                                    

            ++    Spiritual condition  ( 156 )       ►   true spiritual condition  ( 19 )
                                                                       ►   true spiritual condition of the church ( 4 )

                                                                      +   Spiritual standing  (  )

             +    spiritual apathy  ( 9 )

             +    Spiritual Blindness   ( 98 )   ►   great spiritual blindness  (  )
                                                                  ►  condition of spiritual blindness  (  ) 
 Favorite Text below   also Spiritually blind

               Spiritual Death    ( 54 )         ► 

            +    Spiritual Darkness               ►     Great Spiritual Darkness   ( 8 ) 

            +    Spiritual Drunkenness    ( 8 )     >

            +    Spiritual Health  (  )

            +    Spiritual lethargy  ( 26 )     >    spiritual lethargy is death  

            +    Spiritual Slothfulness  (  )

            +    Spiritual Strength         increase of Spiritual Strength

            +    Spiritual weakness   (  )

Is Christ divided? Is a trifling difference of opinion of sufficient consequence to part asunder very friends, so that they cannot unite in doing a good work? Are individual opinions to be regarded as being so infallible as not to admit of any change? This is certainly spiritual weakness. Let each worker humble his heart before God. As no one's opinion is always without a flaw, do not act as if you could not talk the matter over together and concede to one another.  {13MR 38.2}


                  Spiritual  things                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

              +      Spiritual comprehension   (  )

              +      Spiritual knowledge    ( 128 )     >   Advance in spiritual knowledge  (  )

              +      spiritual matters  ( 33 )    >    temporal and spiritual matters  (  )

                  Spiritual understanding   (125)    >  Deep spiritual understanding 

                                                                           >  all wisdom and spiritual understanding (  )


          Chapters with Spiritual in the title:    Era of Spiritual Darkness -- Great Controversy, Chapter 3

                                                                   Spiritual Revival  -- Prophets and Kings, Chapter 51


         My  personal  favorites

   Ministers of the gospel sometimes do great harm by allowing their forbearance toward the erring to degenerate into toleration of sins and even participation in them. Thus they are led to excuse and palliate that which God condemns, and after a time they become so blinded as to commend the very ones whom God commands them to reprove. He who has blunted his spiritual perceptions by sinful leniency toward those whom God condemns, will erelong commit a greater sin by severity and harshness toward those whom God approves.  {AA 504.1}   Read entire Chapter 49   Similar quotation: PaM 211.1 


Our people are making very dangerous mistakes. We cannot praise and flatter any man without doing him a great wrong; those who do this will meet with serious disappointment. They trust too fully to finite man and not enough to God, who never errs. The eager desire to urge men into public notice is an evidence of backsliding from God and of friendship with the world. It is the spirit which characterizes the present day. It shows that men have not the mind of Jesus; spiritual blindness and poverty of soul have come upon them. Often persons of inferior minds look away from Jesus to a merely human standard, by which they are not made conscious of their own littleness, and hence have an undue estimate of their own capabilities and endowments. There is among us as a people an idolatry of human instrumentalities and mere human talent, and these even of a superficial character. We must die to self and cherish humble, childlike faith. God's people have departed from their simplicity. They have not made God their strength, and they are weak and faint, spiritually.  {5T 75.2}


Wycliffe began to write and publish tracts against the friars, not, however, seeking so much to enter into dispute with them as to call the minds of the people to the teachings of the Bible and its Author. He declared that the power of pardon or of excommunication is possessed by the pope in no greater degree than by common priests, and that no man can be truly excommunicated unless he has first brought upon himself the condemnation of God. In no more effectual way could he have undertaken the overthrow of that mammoth fabric of spiritual and temporal dominion which the pope had erected and in which the souls and bodies of millions were held captive.  Great Controversy, page 84.2   Read entire chapter 5


Here it was demonstrated that a worse blindness than that of physical blindness closed the understanding of the Jewish people. By his infinite power Jesus could heal those who were physically blind, but those who were spiritually blind could not discern their need of enlightenment; for they thought themselves righteous. The treatment that Jesus received from those of his own nation is symbolic of the treatment he was to receive from the whole world. He lived in the world, and he had a deep, earnest love for the world, and especially for the Jewish nation. The question was brought to an issue that had been the point of controversy since the fall, concerning the character of God. Satan had charged God with exercising arbitrary power, and of alienating the human race from himself. Satan sowed seeds of enmity, and kept them well watered, in order that he might be successful in deluding souls, and thus triumph over Christ, making the gulf more deep and impassable between earth and heaven. He presented his falsehoods as truth, and became bold in transgression, seeking to wear out the goodness, mercy, and forbearance of God, to extinguish from his heart all love for man, and thus so exasperate divine justice that God would leave the world under Satanic jurisdiction. "Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil." Instead of being softened by the long patience of God, they encourage themselves in continual resistance.  {ST, December 4, 1893 par. 2}
As the disciples had seen the success of their labors, they were in danger of taking credit to themselves, in danger of cherishing spiritual pride, and thus falling under Satan’s temptations. A great work was before them, and first of all they must learn that their strength was not in self, but in God. Like Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, like David among the hills of Judea, or Elijah by the brook Cherith, the disciples needed to come apart from the scenes of their busy activity, to commune with Christ, with nature, and with their own hearts. { DA 360.3} 


Some ministers choose for their sermons subjects that will please the people and offend none. This is shunning the cross of Christ. You see one man selfish; another controlled by pride or passion; another robbing God in tithes and offerings; and another doubting and unbelieving. Do not leave these deceived ones to remain blinded by the enemy in regard to their own spiritual standing. For each of these there is a special message in the word of God. Pray for wisdom that you may be able so to present the instructions of that sacred word that all may see wherein their characters are defective, and what is required of them in order to conform to the true standard. Win their confidence and affection. Bring the truth as it is in Jesus to bear upon their hearts; for there is no other power that can keep the soul steadfast. The truth, planted in the heart by the Holy Spirit, and nourished by divine grace, is our only safeguard against Satan’s devices. Thus you are labor till you can present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. { GW92 448.2 } 


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