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             S a i n t   - -  s a i n t s      ( 6  RELATED  PHRASES )              

       The word  'Saint'  appears  192  times in the writing of EGW                   See page from original website

           +        True Saint    ( 12 )

           +        Saint in heaven   (  )

           +        Saint of God

           +        Weakest Saint    ( 17 )    ( see favorite below )


          S A I N T S      (  3  RELATED  PHRASES )                    

       The word  'Saints'  appears  xxx  times in the writing of EGW

           +        Saints of God  (  )

           +        Saints of the Most High   ( 58 )

           +        Perfection of the Saints   ( 5 )    >

           Saints  in  the  future  ( prophetic )

           +        I Saw the Saints . . .    ( 10 )


      My  personal  favorite

Christ calls every man and woman to put on the armor of His righteousness and begin to work. "I am at your right hand to help you," He declares. Tell all your trials and perplexities to your God. He will never betray your confidence. There is nothing so precious to Christ as His purchased possession, His church, the workers who go forth to scatter the seeds of truth. . . . Think of Jesus. He is in His holy place, not in a state of solitude, but surrounded by ten thousand times ten thousand of heavenly angels who wait to do His bidding. And He bids them go and work for the weakest saint who puts his trust in God. High and low, rich and poor, have the same help provided.-- Southern Watchman, Nov. 7, 1905.  {ChS 261.2}



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