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                S n a r e        (  9  RELATED  PHRASES )        s n a r e s                                       

     The words  "Snare"  appears  1,003  in the writings of Ellen White                  Page on the Original website

           +       taken in the snare  ( 18 )

           +       temptation and a snare  (  )

         +++    dangerous snare  ( 3 )    ( see  Most dangerous snares  below )

           +       escape the snare  (  )


                                 S n a r e    O F    s a t a n                                                                                                               

          This phrase appears  xx  times

             +       snare of Satan  (  )    >    Satan's snare  (  )

             +      snares of Satan  (  )    >    Snares of the devil  (  )    >   his snares  ( 78 )

             +      snare of the enemy  ( 60 )   >

             +      ensnared by Satan  (  )


                                      S n a r e    t o   .  .  .                                                                                                                    

          This phrase appears  xxx  times

             +     snare to the soul  (  )

             +     snare to us  (  )

             +     snare to the user  (  )

             +     snare to God's people  (  )    >   snare to the church  (  )


                   S n a r e s           (  2  RELATED  PHRASES )                           

     The words  "Snares"  appears  xxx  in the writings of Ellen White

          +++     Most dangerious snares  ( 1 )

          +     Snares of .  .  .       >     Snares of Satan  (  )

                                                >    Snares of the devil  (  )    >    his snares  ( 78 )

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From this record we may learn how little dependence can be placed in men who trust in men, and do not make God their reliance. Those who are living in these last days are in the greatest danger of placing their confidence in men rather than in the true and living God. The Lord has given instruction that the history of the apostasy of Israel is now to be presented, because men who in the past have had great light have become self-sufficient, and are looking to men, trusting in human leaders, who are themselves practising evil. Men who ought to stand as firm as a rock to principle are treading in the same path that the Israelites followed. “Some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” This is the snare that has come into our ranks. There are wrong sentiments that have to be met. There are men who are acting the part of Aaron at the very time when every soul should be working to seal the law among God’s disciples. They are building up the very things that God has specified should not be built up. { RH February 4, 1909, par. 8 }


God's servants must go out free. They must know in whom they trust. There is power in Christ and his salvation to make them free men; and unless they are free in him, they cannot build up his church and gather in souls. Will God send out a man to rescue souls from the snare of Satan, when his own feet are entangled in the net? God's servants must not be wavering. If their feet are sliding, how can they say to those of a fearful heart, "Be strong"? God would have his servants hold up the feeble hands and strengthen the wavering. Those who are not prepared to do this, would better first labor for themselves, and pray until they are endowed with power from on high.  {GW92 55.2}


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