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                 s t a n d a r d             (  11  RELATED  PHRASES )                     

           The word "Standard"  appears 5,188  times in the writings of Ellen White                                                        See page on Original website                                                                        The word "standards" appears xx4 times in the writings of EGW

               +     God's standard  (  )   >   Bible standard  (  )

               +     Holy standard  (  )   >   divine standard  (  )  

               +     Human standard  (  )

              ++    keep the standard  ( 13 )

               +     lift up a standard  (  )

             +++    moral standard  (150 )   >   great moral standard  ( 90 )

                   When we reach the standard  ( 2 )

               +    world's standard  (  )   >  

              +     standard-bearer   (  )  >


                                       Standard  of   .  .  .     ( appears  - -  times )                                          

                  ++     standard of character  ( 186 )   >>  standard of all character  ( 2 )  

                    +     standard of morality  (  )   >   ( see moral standard )

                    +     Standard of perfection  (  )   >  Reach the standard of perfection  ( 21 )   

                    +    standard of obedience  (  )   ( see Favorites )

                 ++    Standard of piety  ( 62 )   >   standard of piety in the church  ( 4 )

                   +     standard of righteousness  ( 395 )   >   meet the standard of righteousness  (  )

                    +    standard of spirituality  (  )   >  Lower the standard of spirituality  ( 8 )

                    +    standard of truth  (  )  >     (see favorite below )


                                       High   Standard     ( appears  - -  times )  --   Low   standard                                         

                     high standard  (  )  >   higher standard  (  )   >   highest standard  (  )

                  +    Lower the standard  (  )   >   lower the standard of Righteousness  (  )
                                      >  Lower the standard in order to secure popularity  

                  +    without a standard  ( 5 )   >   leave the world without a standard ( 5 )


             s t a n d a r d s        ( xx  RELATED  PHRASES )                      

            +     standards  (  )     ++   standards of leadership  ( 3 )

            +     moral standards   (  )


          My  personal  favorites

   The law of God unmixed with human tradition was presented by Christ as the great standard of obedience.  This aroused the enmity of the rabbis. They had set human teaching above God's word, and had turned the people away from His precepts. They would not give up their man-made commandments in order to obey the requirements of the word of God. They would not, for the truth's sake, sacrifice the pride of reason and the praise of men. When Christ came, presenting to the nation the claims of God, the priests and the elders denied His right to interpose between them and the people. They would not accept His rebukes and warnings, and they set themselves to turn the people against Him and to compass His destruction.  COL 326    Read entire Chapter 23


  The law of God is the standard by which the characters and the lives of men will be tested in the judgment. Says the wise man: "Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment." Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14. The apostle James admonishes his brethren: "So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty." James 2:12   Great Controversy, page 482.2   Read entire chapter 28


  God requires perfection of His children. His law is a transcript of His own character, and it is the standard of all character. This infinite standard is presented to all that there may be no mistake in regard to the kind of people whom God will have to compose His kingdom. The life of Christ on earth was a perfect expression of God’s law, and when those who claim to be children of God become Christlike in character, they will be obedient to God’s commandments. Then the Lord can trust them to be of the number who shall compose the family of heaven. Clothed in the glorious apparel of Christ’s righteousness, they have a place at the King’s feast. They have a right to join the blood-washed throng.  { COL 315.1}   Read entire Chapter 24


  God will accept only those who are determined to aim high. He places every human agent under obligation to do his best. Moral perfection is required of all. Never should we lower the standard of righteousness in order to accommodate inherited or cultivated tendencies to wrong-doing. We need to understand that imperfection of character is sin. All righteous attributes of character dwell in God as a perfect, harmonious whole, and every one who receives Christ as a personal Saviour is privileged to possess these attributes.  { COL 330.2} 
  All through the history of the Jewish nation we see that the people of God, whether old or young, had to keep themselves distinct and separate from the idolatrous nations around them.  God has a people today; and it is just as necessary now as anciently that His people should keep themselves distinct and separate, pure and unspotted from the world, its spirit, and its influences, because the world sets up a standard opposed to the standard of truth and righteousness.  -- RH Jan. 4, 1887.  {RY 183.1}


             Note:   Numbers shown in ( ) is the  ( number of texts )  containing this phrase

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