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                      E v i l            ( 68  RELATED  PHRASES )                             

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                                Related words:    +    Sin   -   Envy   -

           +      The Evil One   ( see Satan )                                   ( under construction )

           +      Evil agencies   ( 35 )     >                            ►     

           +      Evil Angels    ( 705 )      >     control of evil angels  ( 12 )    >     under the control of evil angels

           +      Evil deeds    ( 93 )              >      Evil conduct   ( 1 )

                            >     evil doing  ( 47 )   >  lengths of evil doing  ( 4 )
                                               >     evil doer   (  )   >   evil doers  (  )

           +     Evil Men    ( 227 )    >   evil - minded  men  ( 5 )   >  minds of evil men  ( 4 )

           +     Evil report   ( 87 )    >    bring an evil report  (  )
Evil reports  ( 47 )   >   carry evil reports  ( 3 )    >   Dealing with Evil Reports

          +     Evil-speaking   ( 234 )     ►    the sin of evil speaking  ( 5 )
​                      ►   Speaking  evil  of  your  brother    >   speaking evil of our brethren   
                      ►   Speak evil  ( 112 )     >   speak evil of one another  ( 4 )   

         +     Evil Spirit      ( 170 )

         +     Evil Spirits    ( 112 )        >    Communications with Evil Spirits  (  )

                          +     Spirits of Evil   (   )

         +     Evil Surmising   ( 301 )    >    Evil surmising will cease
                                             ►   Surmise evil  ( 17 )   >  He can lead them to surmise evil

         +    evil thinking  ( 78 )     >    evil thoughts  (  )

         +    evil times  (  )  >

       +++   evil tongues  (  )

         +    Evil Workers     ( 38 )        >   This class of Evil Workers  (  )


        +    Greatest evil  ( 19 )     >     the greatest evil in the church  ( 1 )

            influence for evil   ( 31 )       ►    Exert an influence for Evil  (  )
                                                              ►    Exert widespread influence for evil

       +     keep evil out of our churches  (  )

       +     tendencies to evil   ( 81 )    >   hereditary tendencies to evil  (  )

           to do evil   ( 261 )     ►    Compel anyone to do evil  (  )

       +     turn from evil  (  )   see favorite below

                            .   .   .    o f    E  v  i  l                         

                          +        Abhorrence of evil   ( 15 )        God's abhorrence of evil   ( 4 )

                          +        Appearance of evil  (  )

                          +        Form of Evil    ( 12 )        >      Forms of evil  ( 7 )

                                Forces of Evil     (   )

                         +       influence of Evil   ( 51 )        (see  influence for evil )

                               Knowledge of Evil    ( 46 )    >     Practical Knowledge of Evil

                         +      Ministers of Evil   (  )

                               Power of Evil     (104)     >     Resist the Power of Evil 
                                        >   Powers of Evil   ( 78 )

                             Tide of Evil     ( 89 )

                        +      source of evil  (  )   >

                        +      the way of evil  ( 7 )  >  

At David's request for a residence in the country, removed from the royal city, the king graciously granted Ziklag as a possession. David realized that it would be dangerous for himself and his men to be under the influence of idolaters. In a town wholly separated for their use they might worship God with more freedom than they could if they remained in Gath, where the heathen rites could not but prove a source of evil and annoyance.  Patriarchs and Prophets, page 673.2 Chapter 65


                              A G A I N S T    E V I L                                     

                        +      Battle  against  Evil    ( 9 )    >   battle with evil  (  )   >   only defense against evil  ( 4 )  

                       +      counterwork  evil   ( 4 )       >    counterwork evil in the church
                                                                 >    counteract evil  ( 7 )

                      +      Protection from evil  ( 5 )    >   protected from evil  ( 3 )

                      +      Resist  evil    ( 118 )     >     Strength to resist evil  (  )

                      +      No  compromise  with  evil  (  )


                 Good  and  Evil     ( 388 )

     +     Call evil good, and good evil  ( 27 )   >   called evil good, and good evil  (  )

     +     Distinction between good and evil    ( 13 )

     +     Distinguish between good and evil    ( 15 )

         Struggle between good and evil    ( 4 )

  The fallen world is the battlefield for the greatest conflict the heavenly universe and earthly powers have ever witnessed. It was appointed as a theater on which would be fought out the grand struggle between good and evil, between heaven and hell. Every human being acts a part in this conflict. No one can stand on neutral ground. Men must either accept or reject the world's Redeemer. All are witnesses, either for or against Christ. Christ calls upon those who stand under His banner to engage in the conflict with Him as faithful soldiers, that they may inherit the crown of life.  {AG 36.2}


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  However great the confidence reposed in any man, whatever the authority given him by his position, let him not think that he can therefore indulge in surmisings, in suspicions, in evil-thinking, and evil-speaking, because he is too cowardly or too indolent to speak plainly to his brethren and sisters according to Christ's rule, and faithfully to correct existing errors. His position and authority depend upon his connection with God, upon the discernment and wisdom he receives from above. Let us be careful that we do not pass sentence of condemnation upon one who we do not feel is congenial to us, because he does not meet our ideas and praise and exalt us. Christ would have his church strong in unity. Let us all praise God that we are not to be judged according to man's finite discernment, which is very liable to be perverted.  {RH, May 14, 1895 par. 2}  



  Like the Pharisees of old, the self-deceived, the self-sufficient, the self-righteous, refuse to be warned. The Lord points out their dangers, but they do not heed his voice. As they assimilate to the world, they become the friends of evil-doers. While God reproves the transgressor, they feel inclined to excuse and encourage him. Thus they say to the sinner, It shall be well with thee. Such persons call good evil, in that they oppose and denounce those who faithfully deliver the messages of warning and reproof committed to them of God. They call evil good by extolling those who have no reproofs to bear and no warnings to give, who pass along in a careless, indifferent spirit, excusing sin, and by their own course encouraging worldliness and backsliding. All these are sanctioning a deception which has proved the ruin of many. The blood of souls is upon them. Their course is more offensive to God than is that of the open sinner. Anciently, the Lord always had among his people faithful prophets, whom, he sent to reprove sin. He has never removed these from his church. Those who rise up against warning and reproof, and seek by their jests, their smart speeches, or their deceptions, to make of no effect the plain words of reproof prompted by the Spirit of God, will find, in the great day of final reckoning, an account against them which they will not wish to meet.  {ST, October 4, 1883 par. 20}


  God does not generally work miracles to advance his truth. If the husbandman neglects to cultivate the soil after sowing his seed, God works no miracle to counteract the sure result of neglect. In the harvest he will find his field barren. God works according to great principles which he has presented to the human family, and it is our part to mature wise plans, and set in operation the means whereby God shall bring about certain results. Those who make no decided effort, but simply wait for the Holy Spirit to compel them to action, will perish in darkness. We would ask those who are waiting for a miracle, What means have been tried which God has placed within your reach? We would ask those who are hoping for some supernatural work to be done, who simply say, "Believe, believe," Have you submitted yourself to the revealed command of God? The Lord has said, "Thou shalt," and, "Thou shalt not." Let all study the parable of the talents, and realize that to every man God has given his work,-- to every man he has entrusted his talents, that by exercising his ability, he may increase his efficiency. You are not to sit still, and do nothing in the work of God. There is work, earnest work, to be done for the Master in overcoming evil habits that are condemned in the word of God, and in doing those good things that are there commanded. Individually, you must battle against evil, wrench yourself from all hurtful associations, study God's word, and pray for divine aid to war against the world, the flesh, and the devil. You need daily light from God to fight the good fight of faith.  {RH, September 28, 1897 par. 3}


  Christ has linked His interest with that of humanity, and He asks us to become one with Him for the saving of humanity. "Freely ye have received," He says, "freely give." Matt. 10:8. Sin is the greatest of all evils, and it is ours to pity and help the sinner. There are many who err, and who feel their shame and their folly. They are hungry for words of encouragement. They look upon their mistakes and errors, until they are driven almost to desperation. These souls we are not to neglect. If we are Christians, we shall not pass by on the other side, keeping as far as possible from the very ones who most need our help. When we see human beings in distress, whether through affliction or through sin, we shall never say, This does not concern me.  {DA 504.3}


  The sorrow of the prophet over the utter perversity of those who would have been the spiritual light of the world, his sorrow over the fate of Zion and of the people carried captive to Babylon, is revealed in the lamentations he has left on record as a memorial of the folly of turning from the counsels of Jehovah to human wisdom.  Amid the ruin wrought, Jeremiah could still declare, “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed;” and his constant prayer was, “Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord.” Lamentations 3:22, 40. While Judah was still a kingdom among the nations, he had inquired of his God, “Hast Thou utterly rejected Judah? hath Thy soul loathed Zion?” and he had made bold to plead, “Do not abhor us, for Thy name’s sake.” Jeremiah 14:19, 21. The prophet’s absolute faith in God’s eternal purpose to bring order out of confusion, and to demonstrate to the nations of earth and to the entire universe His attributes of justice and love, now led him to plead confidently in behalf of those who might turn from evil to righteousness.  Prophets and Kings, page 461.1   Read entire chapter 37

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