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        F u l n e s s     | and |      f u l l n e s s           ( 8  RELATED  PHRASES )                             

                   The  word  Fulness  appears  486  times in the writings of Ellen G. White                           See page on original site 

                    Note:   Fulness versus Fullness

                ++    Fulness of blessing  (  )  

                ++     Fulness of joy   ( 28 )   +   fullness of joy  ( 65 )

                ++     Fulness of God    ( 58 )

                 +      Fulness of the Godhead   ( 73 )      >   Fullness of the Godhead   ( 2 'L's )     ( See Godhead )
  Fulness of time    ( 14 )    +     Fulness of the time  (  )


                +++    Fruitfulness  ( 77 )    >    Abundant fruitfulness  (  )

          My personal favorite

  The glorious possibilities set before Israel could be realized only through obedience to God's commandments.  The same elevation of character, the same fulness of blessing - blessing on mind and soul and body, blessing on house and field, blessing for this life and for the life to come - is possible to us only through obedience.  { COL.305, 4 }  Read entire Chapter 23


The Son of God came to the world as a restorer. He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Every word he uttered was spirit and life. He spoke with authority, conscious of his power to bless humanity, and deliver the captives bound by Satan; conscious also that by his presence he could bring to the world fulness of joyHe longed to help every oppressed and suffering member of the human family, and show that it was his prerogative to bless, not to condemn.  {YI, September 23, 1897 par. 1}




          f u l l n e s s                     ( x  RELATED  PHRASES )                             

        The word  'Fullness'  (with 2 L's ) appears  x x  times in the writings of Ellen G. White 

                +   fullness of joy  ( 65 )


  My personal favorite

  Without the cross, man could have no union with the Father. On it depends our every hope. From it shines the light of the Saviour’s love, and when at the foot of the cross the sinner looks up to the One who died to save him, he may rejoice with fullness of joy, for his sins are pardoned. Kneeling in faith at the cross, he has reached the highest place to which man can attain.   { AA 209.4}




                   Note:   Numbers shown in ( ) is the  ( number of texts )  containing this phrase

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