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                           The  word  'Fact'  appears  3,314  times in the published writings of EGW             

                           The word  'Facts'  appears   739  times in the published writing of EGW                                                                                         Related phrases:   cl

           +   it is a fact that  ( 32 )   >     the  fact  that . . .  (  )

           +   fact of . . .  ( 88 )

           +   Notwithstanding the fact   ( 41 )   

           +   deplorable fact   ( 10 )


       F A C T S

          +    learn the facts  ( 5 )   >   learn all the facts  ( 2 )   >   learning the facts  ( 5 )


          +    present the facts  (  )



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  How often serious difficulties arise from a simple misunderstanding, even among those who are actuated by the worthiest motives; and without the exercise of courtesy and forbearance, what serious and even fatal results may follow. The ten tribes remembered how, in Achan's case, God had rebuked the lack of vigilance to discover the sins existing among them. Now they resolved to act promptly and earnestly; but in seeking to shun their first error, they had gone to the opposite extreme. Instead of making courteous inquiry to learn the facts in the case, they had met their brethren with censure and condemnation. Had the men of Gad and Reuben retorted in the same spirit, war would have been the result. While it is important on the one hand that laxness in dealing with sin be avoided, it is equally important on the other to shun harsh judgment and groundless suspicion.  Patriarchs and Prophets, page 519.4




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