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           k e e p    t h e    S T A N D A R D          (  2  RELATED  PHRASES )          

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   In our business connection with the work of God, and in handling sacred things, we cannot be too careful to keep the standard high, reverencing sacred things; and never, for an instant, should the word of God be used deceitfully, to carry a point which we are anxious to see succeed. Honor, integrity, and truth must be preserved at any cost to self. Our very thought, word, and action, should be subject to the will and mind of Christ. Levity is not appropriate in meetings where the solemn work and word of God are under consideration. Let every one consider that he is in the presence of Christ. The prayer has been offered that Christ shall preside in the assembly and impart his wisdom, his grace, and righteousness. Is it consistent to take a course that will be grievous to his Spirit, and contrary to his work? Let us bear in mind that Jesus is in the midst. Then there will be no levity, jesting, or lightness. An elevating, controlling influence from the Spirit of God, will pervade the assembly. Unfaltering truth, as a counselor, will be beside every one who is truly interested in the welfare of the cause. There will be manifested that wisdom which is from above, that is first pure, then peaceable, full of mercy and good fruits, which cannot err. In all the plans and decisions, there will be that charity that “seeketh not her own,” which is “not easily provoked,” that “thinketh no evil,” that “rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;” that “beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.” Self must be hid in Jesus, then the judgment will not be one-sided and warped, so that there can be no dispassionate and righteous decisions. { RH August 7, 1888, par. 8 }


The High Standard for Temperance Meetings — Great care should be taken to make the temperance meetings as elevated and ennobling as possible. Avoid a surface work and everything of a theatrical character. Those who realize the solemn character of this work will keep the standard high. But there is a class who have no real respect for the cause of temperance; their only concern is to show off their smartness upon the stage. The pure, the thoughtful, and those who understand the object of the work, should be encouraged to labor in these great branches of reform. They may not be intellectually great, but if pure and humble, God-fearing and true, the Lord will accept their labors. — Testimonies for the Church 5:127. { Temp. 240.5} 


  Mrs. E. G. White: That is a queer doctrine, I think. There is much more unbelief in it than there is faith in God. I do not approve of it. Let the work develop in these other places. Keep the standard as high as possible here. Do everything you can to make this institution what it ought to be. Choose a faculty who can educate the helpers. This institution is much more favorably situated than many other, for it is removed from many of the attractions so detrimental to institutional work. { 19MR 44.3 } 


  I would send you a word of warning regarding the Echo Office: Be careful not to burden the office unduly with commercial business. There is great danger of bringing in many worldly schemes that injure the sacred influence that should pervade the office. Will you not unite with the managers of the office in striving to keep the standard elevated, and in making sure that the Signs of the Times is filled with important and timely matter for the people, and that it is given a wide circulation? { 20MR 173.5 } 


     k e e p    t h e    S T A N D A R D    u p l i f t e d         

      Related phrase:   keep the standard of truth uplifted  ( below )

   To all who serve the Lord in truth and holiness, the heavenly current of grace comes in rich profusion. This grace we are to impart to others. Ever are we to keep the standard uplifted higher and still higher. Do we realize what it means to carry out the principles of truth and righteousness, what it means to repudiate every sentiment leading to high-handed injustice in dealing with God’s servants? Men may mistakenly call these sentiments justice, but there is no justice in carrying out the purposes of the adversary. Does the Lord Jesus call upon us to perfect Christlike character, to be perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect? What does this mean? It means keeping the heart and soul and mind and strength in conformity to the will of God. It means obeying the principles of righteousness in this life, keeping the commandments of God. { SpTB07 25.4 } and { SpTA12 3.2 } 


  It is the purpose of God that His people shall be a sanctified, purified, holy people, communicating light to all around them. But only as they keep the standard uplifted, only as they reveal that the truth they profess to believe is able to influence them for righteousness and to sustain their spiritual life; only as they make the principles of truth a part of their daily lives, can they be a praise and honor to God in the earth. It is the privilege of every Christian to receive grace to enable him to stand firmly for the principles of righteousness in the service of God.— Letter 8, February 14, 1912, to S. N. Haskell. { TDG 53.5} 
  Show a firm, undeviating trust in God. Be ever true to principle. Waver not; speak decidedly that which you know to be truth, and leave the consequences with God. Bear in mind that God tests the genuineness of your desire. Believe the word of God, and never cease to press your petitions to his throne with sanctified, holy boldness. “Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.” By precept and example keep the standard uplifted. Your testimony, in its genuineness and reality, God will make powerful in the power of the life to come. The word of the Lord will be in your mouth as truth and righteousness. { RH October 30, 1900, par. 9 }


  We must keep the standard uplifted. God is not slack in the fulfillment of His promises. He is jealous for His name’s glory. A whole heaven of resources are at His command. Seasons of prayer are essential. We all need to pray more, and to watch unto prayer. Read the first chapter of second Thessalonians. I present this entire chapter as appropriate for your case. I speak to you in love, for my heart is full of tender compassion in your behalf. You will have trial, but ever guard your soul, that you may not dishonor your Lord who has bought you with a price. He will that you should have strong faith and a lively hope. He wants you to improve in order and discipline and courage and fortitude and love for one another, that you may seek to help one another to keep the law of God, and be blessed. { PC 46.4 } 


                  keep  the  standard  of  truth  uplifted

  As a church, will you work intelligently and considerately for God? As sons and daughters of God, will you prove yourselves to be the light of the world, shining amid moral darkness? Will you keep the standard of truth uplifted, testifying to the pure light of truth by your words and your influence? Will you help one another? Like faithful stewards of the grace of God, will you build up one another in the most holy faith? Will you strive to strengthen those who are weak in the faith?  { HM November 1, 1897, par. 12 }


  I ask you, Brother Tenney and Brother Jones, to do all in your power to lead Dr. Kellogg to the platform of eternal truth. Work in unity. Press together. Let each one stand in his place. Speak the truth plainly, but in love. Keep the standard of truth uplifted. { BCL 96.1 } 
  Work in unity. Press together. Let each one stand in his place. Speak the truth plainly, but in love. Keep the standard of truth uplifted. { 1NL 108.5 } 


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