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             d i v i n e           ( 50  RELATED  PHRASES )                             

           The word  Divine  appears  17,994  times in the writings of EGW       See page on original site  

         +    Divine Aid    ( 212 )       ►     Need of Divine Aid  (  )     >   Receive Divine Aid

         +    Divine Authority   ( 171 )      >   Submit to Divine Authority  (  )

               >     Against Divine Authority  (  )   >   Disregard Divine Authority    ( 1 )   >     Setting aside Divine Authority

         +     Divine Favor    ( 103 )      >    Restoration of Divine Favor 

         +    Divine Forbearance    (  )      >     Forbearance of God   (  )

         +    Divine  Glory   ( 87 )     >

            Divine Government   ( 93 )


                                     D i v i n e     G u i d a n c e                           

                          +      Divine Guidance     ( 165 )     >    Plead for Divine Guidance

           [  see  Help from God ]

        +    Divine inspiration  (  )     [ see favorites below ]

        +    Divine institution   ( 21 )   >   divine institution to be restored   ( 3 )   >   family as a divine institution  

        +    Divine interposition   ( 13 )         ►  

         +    Divine Judgment     ( 37 )       ►     Divine Justice  (  )                                          
            Divine Knowledge   ( 66 )

         +    Divine Leadership    ( 8 )   

        +    Divine light  ( 265 )    >    flood of divine light  ( 2 )

                             Divine  nature  ( 1,568 )  [ Link to separate page with  10 phrases ]                                          

                            +   Divine Nature   ( 1,568 )     ( separate page with 10 phrases )

                                 ►    Divine nature of Christ  (  )   >  His divine nature   (  )   >   

                                 ►    partaker of the divine nature  ( 417 )     >     partakers of the divine nature   (   )

    +      Divine origin of the Bible     ( 9 )   


            Divine power  ( 1,428 )     [ separate page coming soon - it will include ]

                            +        Divine Power    ( 1,428 )       

                                   ►    Divine Power of Christ     ( 16 )

                                   ►    Divine power of the Holy Spirit    ( 5 )

                                   ►     Dependence on Divine Power   ( 6 )       

                                   ►     Fullness of divine power   ( 9 )

                                   ►     Shielded by Divine Power   (   )

                            +       Exhibition of Divine Power    ( 5 )   >    Manifestation of Divine Power  ( 33 )

     +      Divine Precepts   ( 142 )    >   divine precept   ( 5 )  

     +      Divine Presence   ( 291 )    >   in the divine presence  ( 7 )

     +      Divine Promise     ( 37 )      >   Trust in the divine promise   ( 4 )

     +      Divine providence  ( 36 )    ►  . . . of divine providence  ( 16 )   
                                                           >  workings of divine providence

     +      Divine Purpose     ( 75 )      >    Fulfillment of the Divine Purpose

     +      Divine Statutes   ( 60 )    >   the divine statutes are just  ( 3 )
                                                       >    obey the divine statutes  ( 9 )

     +      xx

                                  Divine  Wisdom  ( 239 )                                            

                        +        Divine Wisdom    ( 239 )       >     Need of Divine Wisdom

                        +        Lessons of Divine Wisdom   ( 11 )

                        +        Manifestation of Divine Wisdom   ( 4 )

                        +       Seek for Divine Wisdom   ( 3 )     >   Ask for Divine Wisdom  ( 2 )

                        +       Treasures of Divine Wisdom   ( 5 )



     My  personal  favorites

The apostles, as personated by these lying spirits, are made to contradict what they wrote at the dictation of the Holy Spirit when on earth. They deny the divine origin of the Bible, and thus tear away the foundation of the Christian's hope and put out the light that reveals the way to heaven. Satan is making the world believe that the Bible is a mere fiction, or at least a book suited to the infancy of the race, but now to be lightly regarded, or cast aside as obsolete. And to take the place of the word of God he holds out spiritual manifestations. Here is a channel wholly under his control; by this means he can make the world believe what he will. The Book that is to judge him and his followers he puts in the shade, just where he wants it; the Saviour of the world he makes to be no more than a common man. And as the Roman guard that watched the tomb of Jesus spread the lying report which the priests and elders put into their mouths to disprove His resurrection, so do the believers inspiritual manifestations try to make it appear that there is nothing miraculous in the circumstances of our Saviour's life. After thus seeking to put Jesus in the background, they call attention to their own miracles, declaring that these far exceed the works of Christ.   Great Controversy, page 557.1


The Holy Spirit is often rejected because it comes in unexpected ways. Abundant evidence that the apostles were speaking and acting under divine inspiration had been given to the Jewish rulers, but they firmly resisted the message of truth. Christ had not come in the way they expected, and though at times they were convinced that he was the Son of God, yet they stifled conviction, and crucified him. In mercy God gave them still further evidence, and another opportunity to turn to him. He sent the disciples to tell them what they had done, and in the terrible charge that they had killed the Prince of Life, he gave them another call to repentance. But feeling secure in their own righteousness, the Jewish teachers were not prepared to admit that the men charging them with crucifying Christ were speaking by the direction of the Holy Spirit. { RH June 8, 1911, par. 18 } 


Will man take hold of divine power, and with determination and perseverance resist Satan, as Christ has given him example in His conflict with the foe in the wilderness of temptation? God cannot save man against his will from the power of Satan's artifices. Man must work with his human power, aided by the divine power of Christ, to resist and to conquer at any cost to himself. In short, man must overcome as Christ overcame. And then, through the victory that it is his privilege to gain by the all-powerful name of Jesus, he may become an heir of God and joint heir with Jesus Christ. This could not be the case if Christ alone did all the overcoming. Man must do his part; he must be victor on his own account, through the strength and grace that Christ gives him. Man must be a co-worker with Christ in the labor of overcoming, and then he will be partaker with Christ of His glory.  {4T 32.3}


Prayer is the most holy exercise of the soul. It should be sincere, humble, earnest_the desires of a renewed heart breathed in the presence of a holy God. When the suppliant feels that he is in the divine presence, self will be forgotten. He will have no desire to display human talent; he will not seek to please the ear of men, but to obtain the blessing which the soul craves.  {5T 201.3}


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