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                 D u t y             ( 41  RELATED  PHRASES )                             

           The word  Duty  appears  xx  times in the writings of Ellen G. White      

           The word  Duties  appears  xx  times in the writings of  EGW          See page on original site  

          +     duty to God  ( 125 )    >   Man's duty to God  (  )    >  duty to man  ( 7 )    >   man's duty to man  ( 2 )
     Duty to perform   ( 43 )     Under construction    >   Perform their Duty

         +     Attention to Duty   ( 5 )     >

         +     Perform every Duty   ( 24 )      >    Perform every known duty   ( 9 )

         +     Solemn Duty   ( 61 )      >     neglect solemn duty  

         +     True to Duty    ( 24 )

         +      Unfulfilled duty   ( 15 )     >   unfulfilled duties  (  )

    +     It is our duty to . . .   ( 238 )      ►    It is our duty to study   ( 9 )
                                                               ►    it is our duty to prevent   ( 6 )
  it is our duty to confess    ( 5 )


       +     Disagreeable duties   ( 12 )     ►   Shun disagreable duties  ( 3 )   


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               Section Titled:  Duty to Reprove Sin


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                                     D u t y     o f    .   .   .                     

                          +       Duty of Confession     Article in RH, Dec. 16, 1890   ( 30 paragraphs)

One of Christ's last commands to His disciples was "Love one another as I have loved you." John 13:34. Do we obey this command, or are we indulging sharp, unchristlike traits of character? If we have in any way grieved or wounded others, it is our duty to confess our fault and seek for reconciliation. This is an essential preparation that we may come before God in faith, to ask His blessing.  {COL 144.2}

                          +      the duty of Christians  (  )

                                 >      Duty of every Christian to . . .    ( 47 )   >   It is the duty of every Christian

                          +       Duty of Man   ( 143 )       >      the whole duty of man

                          +      the Duty of making known to others   ( 3 )

                          +   duty of his office  (  )    >

          Key            duty of punishing iniquity  ( 2 )   >  

                         +    duty of the messenger  ( 2 )   >


+    Duties of high position  (  )


Except in his neglect to restrain and control his sons, Eli had faithfully performed the duties of his office. But his failure to maintain the honor of God by repressing sin with an impartial hand, gave rise to a long train of evils, bringing crime and anguish upon a whole nation. In the history of Eli and his sons is a solemn warning for all the ministers of Christ—an admonition to guard their own hearts with diligence, to keep holy all God’s requirements, that his blessing may rest upon the workmen, and that the work may bear the signet of Heaven. It should also impress upon them their duty to rebuke sin in the members of the church, be they high or low, rich or poor. Even our dearest friends are not to come between us and our allegiance to God. We need not expect to receive the divine blessing until all that has been left for man to do is done to correct error and repress sin. To neglect this duty, or to be slothful and careless in its performance, is to disobey God, to sanction sin, and to bring his wrath upon his people. { ST December 8, 1881, par. 3 }



                                       .   .   .   o f    D u t y                                                           

                           +     acts of duty  ( 8 )    >   individual acts of duty  ( 8 )

                          +     Conviction of Duty   ( 17 )

                          +     Discharge of Duty   ( 39 )     >   Faithful discharge of duty
                                                                          ►   discharge his duty  ( 6 )   >   discharge his duties  ( 2 )

                          +      Neglect of Duty   (  )     ►      by your neglect of duty
                                                                        ►       Neglect of your own duty  ( 3 )
                                                                                >     their own neglect of duty

                                                      ►   neglect of a known duty   ( 5 )     >   Neglect of a single duty  ( 1 )

                         +      Path of Duty     ( 221 )    ►   Walk in the path of duty  ( 9 )      Follow the path of duty  ( 3 )   

                         +      Performance of duty    ( 64 )     ►   Diligent performance of duty  ( 7 )

                                 +      Unwilling to perform  his duty   (   )


There are among us those who, if they would take time to consider, would regard their do-nothing position as a sinful neglect of their God-given talents. Brethren and sisters, your Redeemer and all the holy angels are grieved at your hardness of heart. Christ gave His own life to save souls, and yet you who have known His love make so little effort to impart the blessings of His grace to those for whom He died. Such indifference and neglect of duty is an amazement to the angels. In the judgment you must meet the souls you have neglected. In that great day you will be self-convicted and self-condemned. May the Lord lead you now to repentance. May He forgive His people for neglecting the work in His vineyard which He has given them to do. -- Testimonies, vol. 6, pp. 425, 426.  {Christian Service, page 90.4}


                     Your  duty   /   my  duty

           +     it is your duty  (  )

There are those here who will do the very same thing. If anything comes that does not strike their ideas, they go to someone who knows nothing of the affair, and pour out their soul to them and say, Now such and such a thing was said. Those things will not bear repeating, and it is strange why they tell them. They try to swell the differences and cover [conceal and minimize] points of agreement as much as possible. I don't care if you have been ministers for years; I don't care who it is; 'tis the work of the devil. When you find men covering these truths up, it is your duty to go to that person and try to fasten his mind on God.  {1888 155.2}
Elder Daniels, I am your friend because I tell you the truth. You are engaged in a solemn work, and as an ambassador of Christ, I desire that you should make no failure, but give full proof of your ministry. Pray much, my brother; talk less. Pray that you may be endowed with wisdom and courage necessary to accomplish the work, whatever it may be. Say before God, “I will do my duty with an eye single to Thy glory.”— Letter 10, 1888. { DG 206.4} 



     My  personal  favorites

David had neglected the duty of punishing the crime of Amnon, and because of the unfaithfulness of the king and father and the impenitence of the son, the Lord permitted events to take their natural course, and did not restrain Absalom. When parents or rulers neglect the duty of punishing iniquity, God Himself will take the case in hand. His restraining power will be in a measure removed from the agencies of evil, so that a train of circumstances will arise which will punish sin with sin.   Patriarchs and Prophets, page 728.1   Entire Chapter 72


The Hebrews now remembered how once before, when their forces had gone to battle, they had been routed, and thousands slain. But they had then gone in direct opposition to the command of God. They had gone out without Moses, God's appointed leader, without the cloudy pillar, the symbol of the divine presence, and without the ark. But now Moses was with them, strengthening their hearts with words of hope and faith; the Son of God, enshrined in the cloudy pillar, led the way; and the sacred ark accompanied the host. This experience has a lesson for us. The mighty God of Israel is our God. In Him we may trust, and if we obey His requirements He will work for us in as signal a manner as He did for His ancient people. Everyone who seeks to follow the path of duty will at times be assailed by doubt and unbelief. The way will sometimes be so barred by obstacles, apparently insurmountable, as to dishearten those who will yield to discouragement; but God is saying to such, Go forward.  Do your duty at any cost. The difficulties that seem so formidable, that fill your soul with dread, will vanish as you move forward in the path of obedience, humbly trusting in God.   Patriarch and Prophets, page 437.2


Dear Brother and Sister L: My heart is burdened on your account. What you need is the converting grace of God in your hearts. You need the spirit of Jesus. You should learn meekness and lowliness of heart in the school of Christ. You do not feel your need of deep, inward piety, and on this account you are being self-deceived. You are delaying the decisions which you ought to make at once, for your own good and for the good of others. God requires every man to do his duty.  He demands the whole heart, the entire affection. He would not have us profess a knowledge of Jesus Christ and the truth, and yet bear no fruit. For small or great, learned or unlearned, rich or poor, the requirement is just the same.  {5T 568.1}


The Holy Spirit had been granted to Saul to enlighten his understanding and soften his heart. He had received faithful instruction and reproof from the prophet of God. And yet how great was his perversity! The history of Israel's first king presents a sad example of the power of early wrong habits. In his youth Saul did not love and fear God; and that impetuous spirit, not early trained to submission, was ever ready to rebel against divine authority. Those who in their youth cherish a sacred regard for the will of God, and who faithfully perform the duties of their position, will be prepared for higher service in afterlife. But men cannot for years pervert the powers that God has given them, and then, when they choose to change, find these powers fresh and free for an entirely opposite course.  Patriarchs & Prophets, page 622.2


In the time of trouble, just previous to the coming of Christ, the lives of the righteous will be preserved through the ministration of holy angels. But there will be no security for the transgressor. Angels cannot then protect those who are living in neglect of a known duty or an express command of Jehovah.   {ST, February 26, 1880 par. 22}


"The Lord designs to warn you, to reprove, to counsel, through the testimonies given, and to impress your minds with the importance of the truth of His word. The written testimonies are not to give new light,but to impress vividly upon the heart the truths of inspiration already revealed. Man's duty to God and to his fellow man has been distinctly specified in God's word, yet but few of you are obedient to the light given. Additional truth is not brought out; but God has through the Testimonies simplified the great truths already given and in His own chosen way brought them before the people to awaken and impress the mind with them, that all may be left without excuse.  {5T 665.1}


Here is clearly defined the duty of Christians toward those who need help because of their straying from God. The erring ones are not to be left in darkness and error, but every available means is to be used to bring them again to the light. The candle is lighted; and, with earnest prayer for heavenly light to meet the cases of those enshrouded in darkness and unbelief, the word of God is searched for clear points of truth, that Christians may be so fortified with arguments from the word of God, with its reproofs, threatenings, and encouragements, that the erring ones may be reached. Indifference or neglect will meet the frown of God.  {3T 99.4}


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