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             List of where to find the Parables of Jesus in the New Testament

            +      Parable of the Fig Tree   (  )

            +      Parable of the Lost Sheep   ( 52 )

            +      Parable of the Net   ( 1 )

            +      Parable of the prodigal son   (  )

            +      Parable of the Rich Man  ( 15 )         Parable of rich man and Lazarus ( Luke 16: 19 - 31 )

            +     Parable  of  the  Seed     >    Parable of the Mustard Seed   (  )

                                                             >   Parable of the Growing Seed   (  )
            +     Parable of the Sower   (  )   

            +      Parable of the Talents   (  )

            +      Parable of the Tares   (  )     
                                        >    Parable of the wheat and the tares   ( 5 )

            +       Parable of the Ten Virgins   (  )

            +      Parable of the Vineyard  (   )

            +      Parable of the Wedding Garment   (  )


        My  personal  favorite

By the parable of the sower, Christ illustrates the things of the kingdom of heaven, and the work of the great Husbandman for His people. Like a sower in the field, He came to scatter the heavenly grain of truth. And His parable teaching itself was the seed with which the most precious truths of His grace were sown. Because of its simplicity the parable of the sower has not been valued as it should be. From the natural seed cast into the soil, Christ desires to lead our minds to the gospel seed, the sowing of which results in bringing man back to his loyalty to God. He who gave the parable of the tiny seed is the Sovereign of heaven, and the same laws that govern earthly seed sowing govern the sowing of the seeds of truth.  {COL 33.1}


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