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         +      Obtain a righteous character  (  )

                      R i g h t e o u s n e s s    o f    C h r i s t       ( appears  1,147  times )                                

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        +    Self-righteousness   ( 384 )    Under Construction

        +    Self Rightious   (  )


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The religionist generally has divorced the law and the gospel, while we have on the other hand almost done the same from another standpoint. We have not held up before the people the righteousness of Christ and the full significance of His great plan of redemption. We have left out Christ and His matchless love, and brought in the theories and reasonings, preached arguments.-- Manuscript 24, 1890.  {Ev 231.4}


Righteousness  within is testified to by righteousness without. He who is righteous within is not hard-hearted and unsympathetic, but day by day he grows into the image of Christ, going on from strength to strength. He who is being sanctified by the truth will be self-controlled, and will follow in the footsteps of Christ until grace is lost in glory. The righteousness by which we are justified is imputed; the righteousness by which we are sanctified is imparted. The first is our title to heaven, the second is our fitness for heaven.  {RH, June 4, 1895 par. 7}


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