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               The  word   'peril'   appears  1,733  times in the writings of EGW                                      page not on Original site

           +      peril   (  )      +   

           +     time of peril  (  )       (see favorite below)

                    +   grave peril  (  )   >    great peril  (  )

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           ++   Day of peril  (  )    >   in the day of peril  (  )

           +   approaching peril  (  )   >    signs of approaching peril ​   ( 3 )   >   signs of the approaching peril  ( 4 )​​​​​​                                                 



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  The crisis is fast approaching. The time for God's visitation has about come. Although loth to punish, nevertheless He will punish, and that speedily.  Those who walk in the light will see signs of the approaching peril; but they are not to sit in quiet, unconcerned expectancy of the ruin, comforting themselves with the belief that God will shelter His people in the day of visitation. Far from it. They should realize that it is their duty to labor diligently to save others, looking with strong faith to God for help. "The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." James 5:16. {CET 186.3}  {5T 209.2}


   "Watchman, what of the night?" is the inquiry that should now arise from all hearts. And the true watchman will be able to give the answer, "The morning cometh, and also the night." This is a day of peril, a day of clouds and thick darkness. Men are blinded, infatuated by the god of this world. They close their eyes to the fearful events that are casting their shadows before. Intoxicated with self-indulgence and luxury, they know not that the tempest is about to burst upon them.  {RH, August 28, 1883 par. 1}



                        p e r i l s                (  x  RELATED  PHRASES )                             

               The  word   'perils'   appears  836  times in the writings of EGW                                              page not on Original site


          +++   perils of the last days ( 289 )   

                        >    perils of the last days are upon us  ( 51 )   

                        >   approach the perils of the last days  ( old site )     




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  The perils of the last days are upon us, and in our work we are to warn the people of the danger they are in. Let not the solemn scenes which prophecy has revealed be left untouched. If our people were half awake, if they realized the nearness of the events portrayed in the Revelation, a reformation would be wrought in our churches, and many more would believe the message. We have no time to lose; God calls upon us to watch for souls as they that must give an account. Advance new principles, and crowd in the clear-cut truth. It will be as a sword cutting both ways. But be not too ready to take a controversial attitude. There will be times when we must stand still and see the salvation of God. Let Daniel speak, let the Revelation speak, and tell what is truth. But whatever phase of the subject is presented, uplift Jesus as the center of all hope, "the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright and morning Star."   {TM 118.1}   {Mar 23.1}




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