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   The Old and New Testaments are linked together by the golden clasp of God.   We need to become familiar with the Old-Testament Scriptures. The unchangeableness of God should be clearly seen; the similarity of his dealings with his people of the past dispensation and of the present, should be studied. Under the inspiration of the Spirit of God, Solomon wrote, “That which hath been is now: and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.” Eccl. 3:15  In mercy God repeats his past dealings. He has given us a record of his dealings in the past. This we need to study carefully; for history is repeating itself.  We are more accountable than were those whose experience is recorded in the Old Testament;  for their mistakes, and the results of those mistakes, have been chronicled for our benefit. The danger-signal has been lifted to keep us off forbidden ground, and we should be warned not to do as they did, lest a worse punishment come upon us. The blessings given to those of past generations who obeyed God are recorded that we may be encouraged to walk circumspectly, in faith and obedience. The judgments brought against wrong-doers are delineated that we may fear and tremble before God. This Scripture biography is a great blessing. This precious instruction, the experience of ages, is bequeathed to us.  { RH April 20, 1897, par. 14 }  { SW September 12, 1905, par. 9 }


  Christ sees the danger;  He knows the subtle temptations and power of the enemy; for He has experienced Satan’s temptations. He gave His life to procure a period of probation for the sons and daughters of Adam. With the result of Adam’s disobedience and transgressions before them, with greater light shining upon them, they are invited to come unto Him and find rest unto their souls. But the greater the light and the plainer the danger signal, the greater the condemnation of those will be who turn from light to darkness. The words of Christ are too serious in their import to be disregarded.  { CS 137.1} 


  Those who bring in this unhappy chapter into the experiences of our work, and willingly accept the idea that the rulership of other men’s conscience has been given to them, need to understand that they have made a grave mistake. Their office was never intended to give to them the responsibility which they have been led to think it bestowed. The danger signal is now lifted against this evil. Never, never let men consent to stand in a position which God alone should occupy.—Letter 344, 1907, p. 3 (October 1, 1907, to A. G. Daniells, G. A. Irwin, and W. W. Prescott). { ChL 28.4} 
  Satan and his angels are making every effort to obtain control of minds, that men may be swayed by falsehood and pleasing fables. Are our physicians lifting the danger signal? Are the men who have been placed in prominent positions in our sanitariums lifting the danger signal?  Or are many of the watchmen asleep, while mischievous tongues and acute minds, sharpened by long practice in evading the truth, are continually at work to bring in confusion, and to carry out plans instigated by the enemy? { 1SM 194.5} 


  Not to the early church only, but to all future generations, this example of God’s hatred of covetousness, fraud, and hypocrisy, was given as a danger-signal. It was covetousness that Ananias and Sapphira had first cherished. The desire to retain for themselves a part of that which they had promised to the Lord, led them into fraud and hypocrisy. { AA 74.1}
  Only by being clothed with the robe of Christ’s righteousness can we escape the judgments that are coming upon the earth. Let all remember that these words were among the last that Christ gave His disciples. If this instruction were often repeated in our papers and publications, and less space were taken for matter which is not one hundredth part so important, it would be more appropriate. In these sacred, solemn warnings the danger signal is lifted. It is this instruction that church members and the people of the world need; for it is present truth.—Letter 20, 1901. { CW 24.2} 


  Slumbering watchmen, what of the night? Do you not know the time of night? Do you feel no burden to lift the danger signal and give the warnings for this time? If you do not, come down from the walls of Zion, for God will not entrust you with the light He has to give. Light is only given to those who will reflect that light upon others.—Manuscript 107, 1898. { Ev 144.3} 


  In these last days God’s people will be exposed to the very same dangers as were ancient Israel. Those who will not receive the warnings that God gives will fall into the same perils as did ancient Israel and come short of entering into rest through unbelief. Ancient Israel suffered calamities on account of their unsanctified hearts and unsubmitted wills. Their final rejection as a nation was a result of their own unbelief, self-confidence, impenitence, blindness of mind, and hardness of heart. In their history we have a danger signal lifted before us. { LDE 60.3} 
  The true penitent does not put his past sins from his remembrance. He does not, as soon as he has obtained peace, grow unconcerned in regard to the mistakes he has made. He thinks of those who have been led into evil by his course, and tries in every possible way to lead them back into the true path. The clearer the light that he has entered into, the stronger is his desire to set the feet of others in the right way. He does not gloss over his wayward course, making his wrong a light thing, but lifts the danger signal, that others may take warning.  Prophet and Kings, page 78.2   Read entire chapter 5
  Wake up, my brethren, wake up, and lift the danger signal. Sound the warning. Let no man persuade you to accept theories that are opposed to the truths of God’s word. The servants of God have a solemn message to bear to this fallen, sin-cursed world. They are to hold aloft the banner on which is inscribed the words, “The commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.”— Manuscript 132, 1903. { MM 94.2} 


   “All human ambition, all boasting, is to be laid in the dust. Self, sinful self, is to be abased, not exalted. By holiness in the daily life we are to reveal Christ to those around us. Corrupt human nature is to be subdued, not exalted. Thus only can we become pure and undefiled. We are to be humble, faithful men and women. Never are we to sit upon the judgment seat. God demands that His representatives shall be pure and holy, revealing the beauty of sanctification. The channel is always to remain unobstructed, that the Holy Spirit may have free course; otherwise some will gloss over the work that must be done in the natural heart in order to perfect Christian character; and they will present their own imperfections in such a way as to make of no effect God’s truth, which is as steadfast as the eternal throne. And while God calls upon His watchmen to lift the danger signal, at the same time He presents before them the life of the Saviour as an example of what they must be and do in order to be saved. { 8T 234.2} 


   Let no one think he can hide his imperfection behind men who have been chosen of God, yet who have shown weakness, who have made mistakes, and who have been guilty of sin. The Lord has recorded the mistakes and sins of his servants, not that they may be reproduced, but that their experience may serve as a danger-signal, that others need not fall in going over the ground where they stumbled. If you are ambitious for self-preferment, you must overcome, or you will never enter the courts of heaven.  Let selfishness be rooted out of the heart. In the life of Christ there was no fiber of selfishness. He lived not to please himself. Are you covetously retaining the means which God would have you use to his name’s glory? Bear in mind that covetousness is idolatry. If you keep the commandments of God, you will love God with all your heart, mind, might, soul, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself. You will not cherish an overbearing, dictatorial spirit. There will be no place in the heavenly courts for anything save sympathy and love, kindness and goodness. Mercy, long-suffering, and tender compassion are the attributes of the character of Christ. The opposite of these attributes belong to the character of Satan, and will never find an entrance into the city of our God.  Love,  joy,  peace,  long-sufferinggentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, are the fruits that appear on the Christian tree. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” “They that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.” Christians reveal the fact that they have a heavenly endowment. They think upon “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report.” { RH November 30, 1897, par. 11 }


          d a N g e r    s i g n a l s                                 


  For three years now, warnings have been sounding forth to the world through the columns of the Sentinel and other publications, but these danger signals have not influenced our people as they should have done. God intends that his people shall heed whatever he sends them. Had those who claim to believe the truth, used the Sentinel as it was their privilege to do, and been united in recommending it, and in raising their voices to give the trumpet a certain sound in every Conference and in every church, as God would have them do; had the attention of our people been called to this work, which was so essential to be done for this time; had they appreciated the light which God permitted to shine upon them in warnings, in counsels, and in the delineation of facts transpiring in our world—we should not now, as a people, be so far behind in making preparations for the work. The rebuke of God is upon us because of our neglect of solemn responsibilities. The testimonies given by God have not been heeded by those who professed to believe them; and as the result, his blessings have been withdrawn. When Satan has gained control of the mind, words of warning have no effect. { RH December 18, 1888, par. 1 }


  We should show our faith by our works. A greater anxiety should be manifested to have a large measure of the spirit of Christ; for in this will be the strength of the church. It is Satan who is striving to have God’s children draw apart. Love, oh, how little love we have — love for God and for one another! The word and spirit of truth, dwelling in our hearts, will separate us from the world. The immutable principles of truth and love will bind heart to heart, and the strength of the union will be according to the measure of grace and truth enjoyed. Well would it be for us each to hold up the mirror, God’s royal law, and see in it the reflection of His own character. Let us be careful not to neglect the  danger signals and the warnings given in His word. Unless heed is given to these warnings, and defects of character are overcome, these defects will overcome those who possess them, and they will fall into error, apostasy, and open sin. The mind that is not elevated to the highest standard will in time lose its power to retain that which it had once gained. “Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” 1 Corinthians 10:12. “Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own steadfastness. But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”  2 Peter 3:17, 18.  { 5T 537.2}  { PH157 26.3 }  { 2TT 209.1} 


  For three years, warnings have been sounding forth to the world through the columns of the Sentinel; but those who profess to believe present truth have not been influenced by these danger signals as they should have been. Had our brethren used the Sentinel as it was their privilege to do; and had all been united in recommending it in every conference and in every church, as God would have them do; had the attention of our people been called to this work, which was so essential to be done for this time; had they appreciated the light which God permitted to shine upon them in warnings, in counsels, and in the delineation of events that are taking place, we should not now, as a people, be so far behind in making preparation for the work. There have been surprising indifference and inactivity in this time of peril. Truth, present truth, is what the people need; and if the startling significance of the movements now in progress in regard to the religious amendments had been realized by our brethren in every church; if they had discerned in these movements the plain, direct fulfillment of prophecy, calling upon them to arouse to the demands of the crisis, they would not now be in such stupor and deathlike slumber. { 5T 718.2} 
  We are living in a time when, the Word of God declares, Satan will come down with great power, to work with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish. He will work with such subtilty and power that, if it were possible, he would deceive the very elect. God’s professed people need to heed the danger signals, and ever be on the watch. { RH April 2, 1908, par. 4 }




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