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              I G N O R A N C E               ( 12  RELATED  PHRASES )                                  

                 The  words  'Ignorance'  appears  1,682  times in the writings of Ellen G. White                                           See page on original site                                                        The word  Ignorant  appears  1xx times  and will be a separate page soon

            +     Ignorance concerning . . .     (   )     +     ignorance concerning Satan's power

           +     Ignorance upon this important subject    (  )

           +      keep in ignorance  (  )   >   kept in ignorance  (  )

           ++    willful ignorance  ( 10 )   see  willfully ignorant  ( 3 )


                   Ignorant     (see section below )


              ignorance  is  .   .   .

            +      ignorance is no excuse    ( 12 )    >    ignorance will be no excuse  ( 3 )

            +      ignorance is not acceptable to God     (see Not Acceptable to God )


             ignorance  of  .   .   . 

            +     ignorance of . . .     (  )      ►    ignorance of the Bible  ( 3 )
                                                       >     ignorance of the Scriptures  ( )
​                                                       >     
ignorance of the Law   (  )

           +     Ignorance of this . . .   (  )

But it was in another field that Huss began the work of reform. Several years after taking priest's orders he was appointed preacher of the chapel of Bethlehem. The founder of this chapel had advocated, as a matter of great importance, the preaching of the Scriptures in the language of the people. Notwithstanding Rome's opposition to this practice, it had not been wholly discontinued in Bohemia. But there was great ignorance of the Bible, and the worst vices prevailed among the people of all ranks. These evils Huss unsparingly denounced, appealing to the word of God to enforce the principles of truth and purity which he inculcated.  Great Controversy, page 99.1


               Popular adage:   If you think Education is expensive;  try ignorance

       I G N O R A N T            (  4  RELATED  PHRASES )                                  

                 The  words  Ignorant  appears  1,x  times in the writings of Ellen G. White 

          +      Ignorant of  .  .  .      ( 860 )

          +      Ignorant of Satan's Devices     (  )
                                           ►   ignorant of his devices
                                          ►   Not ignorant of his devices

          +     willfully ignorant  ( 3 )


       My  personal  favorites

   "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Proverbs 16:25.  Ignorance is no excuse for error or sin, when there is every opportunity to know the will of God. A man is traveling and comes to a place where there are several roads and a guideboard indicating where each one leads. If he disregards the guideboard, and takes whichever road seems to him to be right, he may be ever so sincere, but will in all probability find himself on the wrong road.  {GC 597.3}


It was because the Israelites were so disposed to connect themselves with the heathen and imitate their idolatry that God had permitted them to go down into Egypt, where the influence of Joseph was widely felt, and where circumstances were favorable for them to remain a distinct people. Here also the gross idolatry of the Egyptians and their cruelty and oppression during the latter part of the Hebrew sojourn should have inspired in them an abhorrence of idolatry, and should have led them to flee for refuge to the God of their fathers. This very providence Satan made a means to serve his purpose, darkening the minds of the Israelites and leading them to imitate the practices of their heathen masters. On account of the superstitious veneration in which animals were held by the Egyptians, the Hebrews were not permitted, during their bondage, to present the sacrificial offerings. Thus their minds were not directed by this service to the great Sacrifice, and their faith was weakened. When the time came for Israel's deliverance, Satan set himself to resist the purposes of God. It was his determination that that great people, numbering more than two million souls, should be held in ignorance and superstition. The people whom God had promised to bless and multiply, to make a power in the earth, and through whom he was to reveal the knowledge of His will -- the people whom He was to make the keepers of His law -- this very people Satan was seeking to keep in obscurity and bondage, that he might obliterate from their minds the remembrance of God.  Patriarchs and Prophets, page 333.3
  This “is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it.” The Pharisees of Christ’s day closed their eyes lest they should see, and their ears lest they should hear; therefore the truth could not reach their hearts. They were to suffer retribution for their willful ignorance and self-imposed blindness. But Christ taught His disciples that they were to open their minds to instruction, and be ready to believe. He pronounced a blessing upon them because they saw and heard with eyes and ears that believed. { COL 59.1}  Read entire Chapter 3


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