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                The  word  'Individual'  appears  2,548  times in the writings of Ellen G. White                        page NOT on original site                                       Related phrases:

           +++   individual accountability  (  )

          +++   individual effort  ( 91 )    >   individual efforts  ( 9 )     +   individual labor  (  )   

          +++     individual work  ( 196 )   >   individual workers   

                individual judgment  (  )

            +      individual member  (  )   >    individual members  (  )

            +     individual opinion   (  )    >

            +     individual responsibility  (  )

            +     individual worship  (  )

                each individual  (  )   +   every individual  (  )

            +     no individual should  (  )


             also:      individuals              





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    Christ prayed that His disciples might be one, even as He is one with the Father. Then every one who claims to be a child of God should make individual efforts to answer this prayer and labor for this oneness. When it exists, the followers of Christ will be a holy, powerful people, united in love. But if you let love die out of the soul, and accept the accusations of Satan’s agents against the children of God, you become servants of sin and are helping the devil in his work.  { 15MR 177.1 }  Read entire Chapter


   Everywhere there is a tendency to substitute the work of organizations for individual effort. Human wisdom tends to consolidation, to centralization, to the building up of great churches and institutions. Multitudes leave to institutions and organizations the work of benevolence; they excuse themselves from contact with the world, and their hearts grow cold. They become self-absorbed and unimpressible. Love for God and man dies out of the soul. Christ commits to His followers an individual work,—a work that cannot be done by proxy. Ministry to the sick and the poor, the giving of the gospel to the lost, is not to be left to committees or organized charities. Individual responsibilityindividual effort, personal sacrifice, is the requirement of the gospel. — The Ministry of Healing, 147. { ChS 10.2} also appears  { LDE 76.1} 




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