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                w o r d    o f    g o d           (  29  RELATED  PHRASES )                     

                       The  phrase  'Word of God'  appears  8,946  times in the published writings of EGW          See page on Original site                                      Related Phrase:    God's Word  (2,977)  - -  Word of Prophesy   -   Scriptures   -   God   -

         +     the plain word of God  (  )

         +     the Word of God condemns . . .    ( 28 )   

                                               >    Word of God reproves and condemns sin  

         +     in the Word of God  ( 1,052 )     ►    Found in the Word of God   ( 42 ) 
​                                                                             >  Contained in the Word of God  (  )
                                                                     ►    Taught in the Word of God  (  )
                                                                             >     Revealed in the Word of God  (  )

         +    Knowledge of the Word of God  ( 74 )

         +    Obey the Word of God  ( 95 )

                  >    Obedience to the Word of God  ( 43 )    >    adherence to the Word of God  ( 4 )   

         +    Pervert the Word of God    ( 10 )

         +    Proclaim the Word of God  ( 14 )

            To make of none effect the Word of God   ( 5 )

         +    Testimony of the Word of God

         +    trample upon the Word of God  ( 5 )   >   war upon the Word of God  ( 3 )

    The  Word  of  God  is . . .

          +    The Word of God is . . .   ( 723 )   >   The Word of God is plain   ( 22 )
>   The Word of God is the standard   ( 7 )
                                                                >   The Word of God is the bread of life  (13 )
                                                                >   The Word of God is the Foundation  ( 7 ) 

                                                                >   The Word of God is truth


                                      s t u d y    t h e    w o r d    o f    g o d                                                               

         +      Study the Word of God   ( 164 )    >   must study the Word of God

             obtain a knowledge of the Word of God  (  )



                                      G o d 's    w o r d                                                                                  

         +     God's Word    ( 2,977 )        ►    comprehend God's Word   (  )

         +     Doers of God's word  (  )  >  

         +     In the light of God's word    ( 70 )

         +     Obey God's Word    ( 15 )      >   They Do Not Obey God's Word

         +    Teachings of God's Word   ( 76 )   >  Accept the teachings of God's Word

If we have received the gift of God, and have a knowledge of Jesus Christ, we have a work to do for others. We must imitate the long-suffering of God toward us. The Lord requires of us the same treatment toward his followers that we receive of him. We are to exercise patience, to be kind, even though they do not meet our expectations in every particular. The Lord expects us to be pitiful and loving, to have sympathetic hearts. The fruits of the grace of God will be shown in our deportment to one another. We should keep always before us that, while claiming to be commandment-keepers, we must not be found to be commandment-breakers. The last six commandments specify man’s duty to man. Christ did not say, You may tolerate your neighbor, but, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” This means a great deal more than professing Christians carry out in their daily life. While they claim to be doers of God’s word, they fail to make sure work by earnest practice. { RH November 16, 1886, par. 3 }

          Treasure house of God's Word  ( 18 )

.  .  .  He who grasps this thought has before him an infinite field for study. He has the key that will unlock to him the whole treasure house of God's word {Ed 126.1}  {LHU 56.3}  {LHU 122.7}


      My  personal  favorites

I want you to read the Bible because you love it, not because you are driven to it, for then it will be an unpleasant task. But if you neglect the reading of the Bible, you will lose your love for it. Those who love the word of God are those who read it most. By reading and searching out scripture references, you will see thechain of truth, and will see new beauties in the word of God. While you make the Scriptures more your study, and become more familiar with them, you will be better fortified against the temptations of Satan.When inclined to speak, or act, wrong, some scripture will come to arrest you, and turn you right. It is not natural for the heart to love the Bible; but when it is renewed by grace, then the mind will feast upon the rich truths and promises contained in the word of God.  {Appeal to the Youth = AY 79.2}
It is because he has masked himself with consummate skill that the question is so widely asked: "Does such a being really exist?"  It is an evidence of his success that theories giving the lie to the plainest testimony of the Scriptures are so generally received in the religious world. And it is because Satan can most readily control the minds of those who are unconscious of his influence, that the word of God gives us so many examples of his malignant work, unveiling before us his secret forces, and thus placing us on our guard against his assaults.  Great Controversy, page 517.1 
It is not enough to merely read, but the Word of God must enter into our hearts and our understanding, in order that we may be established in the blessed truth. If we should neglect to search the Scriptures for ourselves, that we may know what is truth, then if we are led astray, we are accountable for it. We must search the Scriptures carefully, so that we will know every condition that the Lord has given us; and if we have minds of limited capacity, by diligently searching the Word of God we may become mighty in the Scriptures, and may explain them to others.- - Review and Herald, April 3, 1888.   Evangelism, page 366.1


"The Scriptures," said Zwingli, "come from God, not from man, and even that God who enlightens will give thee to understand that the speech comes from God. The word of God . . . cannot fail; it is bright, it teaches itself, it discloses itself, it illumines the soul with all salvation and grace, comforts it in God, humbles it, so that it loses and even forfeits itself, and embraces God." The truth of these words Zwingli himself had proved. Speaking of his experience at this time, he afterward wrote: "When . . . I began to give myself wholly up to the Holy Scriptures, philosophy and theology (scholastic) would always keep suggesting quarrels to me. At last I came to this, that I thought, `Thou must let all that lie, and learn the meaning of God purely out of His own simple word.' Then I began to ask God for His light, and the Scriptures began to be much easier to me."-- Ibid., b. 8, ch. 6.  Great Controversy, page 174.1  Read Entire Chapter 9
“And bring forth fruit.” Those who, having heard the word, keep it, will bring forth fruit in obedience. The word of God, received into the soul, will be manifest in good works.  Its results will be seen in a Christlike character and life. Christ said of Himself, “I delight to do Thy will, O My God; yea, Thy law is within My heart.” Psalm 40:8. “I seek not Mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent Me.” John 5:30. And the Scripture says, “He that saith he abideth in Him ought himself also so to walk, even as He walked.” 1 John 2:6. { COL 60.2} ​
Printed Word of God
While Luther was opening a closed Bible to the people of Germany, Tyndale was impelled by the Spirit of God to do the same for England. Wycliffe's Bible had been translated from the Latin text, which contained many errors. It had never been printed, and the cost of manuscript copies was so great that few but wealthy men or nobles could procure it; and, furthermore, being strictly proscribed by the church, it had had a comparatively narrow circulation. In 1516, a year before the appearance of Luther's theses, Erasmus had published his Greek and Latin version of the New Testament. Now for the first time the word of God was printed in the original tongue. In this work many errors of former versions were corrected, and the sense was more clearly rendered. It led many among the educated classes to a better knowledge of the truth, and gave a new impetus to the work of reform.  But the common people were still, to a great extent, debarred from God's word. Tyndale was to complete the work of Wycliffe in giving the Bible to his countrymen.   { GC 245.1 }
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For the Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a decerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  
Hebrews 4: 12   
[ KJV ]


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