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   As you see the enormity of sin, as you see yourself as you really are, do not give up to despair. It was sinners that Christ came to save. We have not to reconcile God to us, but -- O wondrous love! -- God in Christ is "reconciling the world unto Himself." 2 Corinthians 5:19. He is wooing by His tender love the hearts of His erring children. No earthly parent could be as patient with the faults and mistakes of his children, as is God with those He seeks to save. No one could plead more tenderly with the transgressor. No human lips ever poured out more tender entreaties to the wanderer than does He. All His promises, His warnings, are but the breathing of unutterable love.  Steps to Christ, page 35.3


  All who strive in the name of the Lord Jesus to counteract the evil of self-indulgence are doing the very work which Jesus of Nazareth came to our world to do. Make every effort to save all whom you possibly can. Do not argue that the evil is so deep and so widespread, and is increasing so rapidly, that your efforts will be of no avail. Rally round the standard of Christ. See in the degraded specimens of humanity, men and women whom Christ came to save.   Altho they may have sunk to the very lowest depths of sin, there is a possibility of saving them. "I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance," Christ declared. It is the sinners that the church of God is called upon to seek and to save. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, presenting at the same time the love of the great Physician.  {ST, May 30, 1900 par. 12}


  In these suffering ones we are to see those whom Christ came to save.  His invitation to them is "Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. . . . Hearken diligently unto Me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness. Incline your ear, and come unto Me: hear, and your soul shall live." Isa. 55:1-3.  {COL 233.1}
  When Satan comes to you to tell you that you are a great sinner, begin to look up to your Redeemer and to talk of his merits; that which will help you is to look to his light. Acknowledge your sin; but who was it that Christ came to save? Tell the enemy that "Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners," and that you are saved by his matchless love. Jesus asked Simon a question in regard to two debtors. One owed his lord a small sum, and the other owed him a larger sum; but he forgave them both, and he asked Simon which debtor would love him most. He answered, "He to whom he forgave most." We have been great sinners, but Christ died that we might be forgiven. The merits of his sacrifice are sufficient to present to his Father in our behalf. Those to whom he has forgiven most will love him most, and will stand nearest to his throne to praise him for his great love and infinite sacrifice. It is when we most fully comprehend the love of God that we best realize the sinfulness of sin, and the fullness of salvation. When we see the length of the chain that was let down for us, and understand something of the merits of that infinite sacrifice that Christ has made for us, the heart is melted with tenderness and contrition.  {ST, March 11, 1889 par. 3}


  "The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, . . . full of grace and truth." But those whom Christ came to save, would have none of Him. "He came unto His own, and His own received Him not." John 1:14, 11. Yielding themselves to Satan's control, they rejected the Messiah and sought opportunity to put Him to death.  {9T 228.3}
  Do not think that you can be careless and reckless, and neglect so great salvation, and not suffer loss, eternal loss. It took the life-blood of the Son of the infinite God to make a way of escape for the sinner, and can God save you in your sins? Christ came to save you from your sins. In view of the sufferings of the Son of God, what will be the result of the neglect of so great salvation? The Father gave all heaven to man in that one gift. He has made it manifest that he has done all that is possible to do, all that a God can do, that you might be saved, that you might have an inheritance with the saints in light. Election is just what the Bible has described it to be. "Whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely." "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved." If you will but yield your own way, and surrender yourself to Christ, how pitiful will he be to you. Read the parable of the prodigal son, if you would see the mercy of God toward the repenting sinner. Like the prodigal son, the sinner has taken God's good gifts, and has wasted them on the gratification of self, used them for the indulgence in sin. When the sinner awakes to his true condition, he sees that he has spent his all for that which is worthless, and that he is lost and undone. He says, "I will arise and go to my father." I will tell him how unworthy I am, how I am no more worthy to be called his son. I will ask him to make me as one of his hired servants. The prodigal did just as he said he would. He went to his father just as he was; for he could do no other way. His garments were in rags and tatters, but his father did not turn from him. While he was still a great way off, the father sees him, and goes to meet him. Before his repenting child can utter a word of confession, the father has forgiven him. He embraces him, he weeps upon his neck. Does he think of carrying out his son's request as he sobs out his repentant story?-- No, he takes him to his home. He puts upon him the best robe. He puts a ring upon his finger, and makes a feast, and calls in the neighbors to rejoice with him; for he says, "This my son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found."  {RH, July 19, 1892 par. 5}


                                      Christ  came  to  save  sinners                                       
Related Phrase:  Christ came to seek and to save
   Our Saviour is coming again, and he wants to find you all ready for his appearing. If you are ready, your eyes will be beholding Jesus and heaven your home. When trials come to depress and discourage you, you must talk faith, not doubt and despondency; you must place your eyes upon heaven and heavenly things. Says Paul, "Our light affliction which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen." Then let us keep talking of Jesus and his love; let us dwell upon the precious truths which he has intrusted to our keeping; let us show to the world around us that these truths are accomplishing something for us. How can the world tell of the value of the truth which you have received unless they witness the transforming effect on your character? When you have Christ abiding in your hearts by faith, you will bring his righteousness into your life and experience. Satan will say to you, "You cannot be saved; you are a sinner." Well, tell him that you know you are a sinner, but that Christ came to save sinners. He says, "I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." Tell the enemy, "I have laid hold of the righteousness of Christ, and he is my Saviour I have no righteousness of my own, but Christ is my righteousness." Then you will be justified by faith.  {RH, August 5, 1890 par. 6}


  Those who are teaching this doctrine today have much to say in regard to faith and the righteousness of Christ; but they pervert the truth, and make it serve the cause of error. They declare that we have only to believe on Jesus Christ, and that faith is all-sufficient: that the righteousness of Christ is to be the sinner's credentials; that this imputed righteousness fulfills the law for us, and that we are under no obligation to obey the law of God. This class claim that Christ came to save sinners, and that He has saved them. "I am saved," they will repeat over and over again. But are they saved while transgressing the law of Jehovah?--No; for the garments of Christ's righteousness are not a cloak for iniquity. Such teaching is a gross deception, and Christ becomes to these persons a stumbling block as He did to the Jews, -- to the Jews, because they would not receive Him as their personal Saviour, to these professed believers in Christ, because they separate Christ and the law, and regard faith as a substitute for obedience. They separate the Father and the Son, the Saviour of the world. Virtually they teach, both by precept and example, that Christ, by His death, saves men in their transgressions.  {BEcho, February 8, 1897 par. 7}


  God loves the children of Brother D, but they are in fearful danger of feeling whole, and in no need of a physician. Trusting in their own righteousness will never save them. They must feel the need of a Saviour. Christ came to save sinnersSaid Jesus: "I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." The Pharisees, who felt that they were righteous, and who trusted in their good works, felt no need of a Saviour. They felt that they were well enough off without Christ.  {4T 42.2} 


   We cannot always be upon our knees in prayer, but we can let the heart be ascending to God continually for his blessing, and we will have help just as sure as we keep in this state of mind. The evil angels may be all around you to press their darkness upon you, but the will of God is greater than their power. And if you do not in word or action, or in any way, make Christ ashamed of you, the sweet blessing and peace of God will be in your heart every day you live. May the sweet blessing and peace of Christ rest upon us here, as we assemble from morning to morning, so that we can serve him. We must meet difficulties, and in order to meet and overcome them we must have Jesus with us. Satan will say to you that you are a very great sinner, and that you need not pray, for Jesus will not hear you. But you can tell him that because you are a sinner is the very reason why you need to pray; for Christ came to save sinnersand he died upon Calvary's cross in order that sinners might come to him and be saved. Build a wall of scriptures around you, and you will see that the world cannot break it down. Commit the Scriptures to memory, and then throw right back upon Satan when he comes with his temptations, "It is written." This is the way that our Lord met the temptations of Satan, and resisted them. Be determined that you will not live without the presence and light and love of Jesus, and then you will have precious victories, and will know who is the Source of your strength.  {RH, April 10, 1888 par. 9} 
   The wicked one is in continual controversy with God, seeking to make of no effect the mission and work of Christ. Christ came to save sinnersbut when some hear the word, and become convicted, and their hearts are weighed down by a sense of their sins, and stirred by the forgiving love of God, lest they should be wholly persuaded to become the followers of Christ, the enemy immediately seeks to entice them to their former allegiance to him, by presenting to them the attractions of the world and its lusts, and the words of truth are made of no effect. The heart that has long yielded to the influences of the world, that has long indulged in the gratification of its own selfish desires, is not prepared for the reception of the word.  {RH, May 31, 1892 par. 7}


                                      Christ  came  to  save  Jerusalem                                   
   Related Phrase: 
    Christ came to save Jerusalem with her children; but Pharisaical pride, hypocrisy, jealousy, and malice had prevented Him from accomplishing His purpose. Jesus knew the terrible retribution which would be visited upon the doomed city. He saw Jerusalem encompassed with armies, the besieged inhabitants driven to starvation and death, mothers feeding upon the dead bodies of their own children, and both parents and children snatching the last morsel of food from one another, natural affection being destroyed by the gnawing pangs of hunger. He saw that the stubbornness of the Jews, as evinced in their rejection of His salvation, would also lead them to refuse submission to the invading armies. He beheld Calvary, on which He was to be lifted up, set with crosses as thickly as forest trees. He saw the wretched inhabitants suffering torture on the rack and by crucifixion, the beautiful palaces destroyed, the temple in ruins, and of its massive walls not one stone left upon another, while the city was plowed like a field. Well might the Saviour weep in agony in view of that fearful scene.  {DA 577.2}


  Christ came to save Jerusalem with her children from the consequences of her former sins; but the unholy expectations of the Pharisees were not answered in the manner of his appearing. Pharisaical pride, hypocrisy, jealousy, and malice had prevented him from accomplishing his purpose. Jesus knew the terrible retribution which would be visited upon the doomed city. He sees Jerusalem encompassed with armies, the besieged inhabitants driven to starvation and death, mothers making a repast on the dead bodies of their own children, and both parents and children snatching the last morsel of food from one another, natural affection being destroyed through the gnawing pangs of hunger. He sees that the stubbornness of the Jews, as evinced in their rejection of his salvation, will also lead them to refuse their only remaining chance of safety, submission to the invading armies. He sees the wretched inhabitants suffering torture on the rack, and crucifixion, the beautiful palaces destroyed, the temple where God had revealed his glory, in ruins, and of all its pure and spotless walls, decorated with lofty pillars and gilded devices, not one stone left upon another, while the city is plowed like a field. Well may the Saviour weep in agony in view of such a fearful picture!  {2SP 393.2}






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