Co-laborers with Jesus Christ

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   Our Lord designed that His church should reflect to the world the fullness and sufficiency that we find in Him. We are constantly receiving of God's bounty, and by imparting of the same we are to represent to the world the love and beneficence of Christ. While all heaven is astir, dispatching messengers to all parts of the earth to carry forward the work of redemption, the church of the living God are also to be co-laborers with Jesus Christ. We are members of His mystical body. He is the Head, controlling all the members of the body. Jesus Himself, in His infinite mercy, is working on human hearts, effecting spiritual transformations so amazing that angels look on with astonishment and joy.-- Review and Herald, Dec. 24, 1908. {YRP 19.3}


  God will not occupy a divided heart or reign from a divided throne. Every rival that holds the affections and diverts them from the God of love must be dethroned. The Lord demands all that there is of us, and there must be no reserve. Christ has purchased us, we are His heritage, and we are to be honored by being co-laborers with Jesus Christ. Wear the yoke with Christ, and daily walk with God. How shall we do this? By laying hold upon the help which God has provided.  The Lord has said, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you" (Matthew 7:7).  {TMK 63.3}


  Unto you therefore which believe He is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense, even unto them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed." All men, women, and youth are appointed to do a certain work. But some stumble at the word of truth. It does not harmonize with their inclinations, and therefore they refuse to be doers of the word. They will not wear Christ's yoke of perfect obedience to the law of God. They look upon this yoke as a burden, and Satan tells them that if they will break away from it, they will become as gods. No one shall rule them or dictate to them; they will be able to do as they please, and have all the liberty they desire. True, they have been oppressed and cramped in every way in their religious life, but that religious life was a farce. They were appointed to be co-laborers with Jesus Christ, and yoking up with Christ was their only chance for perfect rest and freedom. Had they done this, they would never have been confounded.  {FE 462.1}
  I love him; for he is my love. I want to talk of him by the way. I want to praise him now and forever. Now will each one of us become a missionary? Shall it be written in the records of Heaven opposite our names, "Missionaries, co-laborers with Jesus Christ"? Do not disappoint our heavenly Father; and may God help you that you may say, "I live, yet not I; but Christ liveth in me."  {ST, March 11, 1889 par. 5}


  We are not ready for this great issue to which the enforcement of the Sunday law will bring us. Let the members of our churches become missionaries for the Master; let them not linger in ease and indifference; but let them go forth to work for God. Their spiritual muscles have been nearly palsied with inaction. Go without the camp, bearing the reproach for Christ and the truth. Work today in the Lord's vineyard. Go out into the highways and hedges, and stir up the people to investigate the truth. Woe to all who profess to walk in the light, yet who are at ease in Zion. They absorb the God-given rays of righteousness, but do not diffuse the light to others. The parable of the faithless servant who hid his Lord's money, condemns them, and they are classed among those who refuse to be co-laborers with Jesus Christ, selfishly caring for their own ease, and leaving those for whom Christ has died, to perish without the knowledge of the truth which God has graciously given to them. Those who have been the receivers of spiritual light, may become the receptacles of darkness, to whom the words of Christ are applicable, "If therefore the light which is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!"  {RH, January 1, 1889 par. 18}
  There is a constant conflict between the two great armies led by the Prince of life and the Prince of the powers of darkness. The devil, assisted by his angels, is constantly engaged in the most determined effort to gather souls under his banner, while Jesus Christ and holy angels are diligently at work pressing back the powers of darkness, rescuing souls from the grasp of Satan, and gathering them under the blood-stained banner of Prince Immanuel. Those who are truly soldiers of the cross of Christ will not be indifferent spectators, but will take an active part and manifest a personal interest in this conflict. They will "know the fellowship of his sufferings," being co-laborers with Jesus Christ in disseminating light and truth to redeem the purchase of his blood from the slavery of sin and death.  {RH, December 12, 1878 par. 2}


Co-Laborers With Jesus Christ -- You need at camp meetings to labor to teach in different lines as Christ did. Few sermons were preached by Christ. He was the great Teacher, and crowds gathered wherever He went to listen to His instruction, and He taught as one having authority, and knew that He was teaching the truth. He spake as never man spake.  {VSS 232.3}
  O how few know the day of their visitation! How few, even among those who claim to believe in present truth, understand the signs of the times, or what they are to experience before the end. We are under divine forbearance today; but how long will the angels of God continue to hold the winds, that they shall not blow? We are convinced that among the people of God there is blindness of mind and hardness of heart, although God has manifested inexpressible mercy toward us. How few there are who are truly humble, devoted, God-fearing servants in the cause of Christ, whose hearts are full of gratitude and thanksgiving because they are called to act a part in the work of God, being co-laborers with Jesus Christ, partakers with Christ of his sufferings! How few there are who can say from the heart, "Our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal."  {RH, April 4, 1893 par. 3}


  Let the worker give them an example by associating with them, and by revealing the virtues of Christ Jesus. They need to be brought in contact with cultivated minds, to come into association with those whose hearts are softened and subdued by the Holy Spirit. They are imitative, and will catch up pure sentiments, and be influenced by elevated aspirations. A new taste will thus be created, and elevated desires will spring up for things that are of good report, pure, honest, and lovely. But if the colored people are left in their present condition, and do not have presented before them a higher standard of Christianity than they now have, their ideas will become more and more confused, and their religious worship more and more demoralized. They have been strangely neglected. Poverty and want are common among them, and very little has been done to relieve their distress. We cannot be surprised that such neglect should result in hardness of heart and in the practice of vice, but God cares for this neglected class. The colored people have souls to save, and we must enter into the work, and become co-laborers with Jesus Christ. We cannot leave them as we have left them in the past. We cannot be justified in expending money so lavishly in providing conveniences for ourselves, and in furnishing facilities for those who have been more fortunate, and are already abundantly supplied with every facility, and do nothing for those who know not God and Jesus Christ whom he hath sent. We must not abandon millions of the colored race to their degradation, and because they are degraded, pass them by on the other side.  {RH, December 3, 1895 par. 5}
  "It doth not yet appear what we shall be; but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is." And we shall be among that number who can say, "Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us." That salvation is worth striving for. Will we accept the privilege of becoming co-laborers with Jesus Christ, co-operating with him in building a pure and holy character, separating from us all that will make us impure and unclean in his sight? Will we accept immortal life?  {GCB, April 23, 1901 par. 8}


  Workers in the Master's vineyard must be imbued with the spirit of Christ in his love for souls. Divine influences and a strong, living, working faith are especial qualifications, in order for them to be co-laborers with Jesus ChristThey must cultivate constantly the graces of the Spirit, repressing unbelief. Honor is to be given to the human powers by putting them to the very highest use in the service of God. Under the control and guidance of the Holy Spirit, all may be co-laborers with God. All whom God has blessed with reasoning powers are to become intellectual Christians. They are not requested to believe without evidence; therefore Jesus has enjoined upon all to search the Scriptures. Let the ingenious inquirer, and the one who would know for himself what is truth, exert his mental powers to search out the truth as it is in Jesus. Any neglect here is at the peril of the soul. We must know individually the prescribed conditions of entering into eternal life. We must know what is the voice of God, that we may live by every word that proceeds out of his mouth. We cannot allow these questions to be settled for us by another's mind, or another's judgment. We must search the Scriptures carefully with a heart open to the reception of light and the evidences of truth. We cannot trust the salvation of our souls to ministers, to idle traditions, to human authorities, or to pretensions. We must know for ourselves what God has said. We are laborers together with God, and we want to know, and must know, what conditions are resting upon those who are to be heirs of salvation, or we shall die in our sins. It is not to be our study as to what may be the opinion of men, or of popular faith, or what the Fathers have said. We cannot trust to the voice of the multitude, but we want to know what is the voice of God, what is his revealed will. He has left us his own statements, and we must search for the truth as for hidden treasures. We must put away all skepticism, all exaltation of our own ideas. We must humble our hearts by repentance and with contrition of soul, praying for true enlightenment. We must be diligent and thoughtful. We must be constant learners in the school of Christ, then we shall be meek and lowly of heart as was our Saviour. The Lord positively demands of every Christian an intelligent knowledge of the Scriptures. He must dig for the truth as he would dig for hid treasures. He must search the Scriptures, comparing scripture with scripture; for he must be a laborer together with God. Individually, we are to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. It is God who works in us, and by us, and through us. God's word is the sword of the Spirit, and with a knowledge of revealed truth, which is our spiritual weapon, we must go to work, laboring to pull down the strong-holds of the enemy. The truth must be spoken in love. We must show that we are Christ's followers and that we have learned of Jesus. We must approach the people in the spirit of kindness and affection.  {RH, March 8, 1887 par. 1}

  Every channel that God has used through which to communicate truth is to be respected. God has appointed human agents whom He has made channels through which the waters of life have flowed down through the ages of the past to our times. God has made them the depositories of sacred truth, and they have been co-laborers with Jesus Christ diffusing the light and truth that has made the church what it is today.  {6MR 205.2}


  The Lord has a work for us all to do. And if the truth is not rooted in the heart, if the natural traits of character are not transformed by the Holy Spirit, we can never be co-laborers with Jesus ChristSelf will constantly appear, and the character of Christ will not be manifested in our lives. The Saviour represented the Word of God by a pearl of great price. When He sent His disciples forth, He warned them: Cast not your pearls before swine. (See Matt. 7:6.) They understood His meaning. He had placed in their possession truths of the highest value.  {11MR 373.2}


                                                             Co-laborer  with  Christ                                                                                   


  Let every one who names the name of Christ read this scripture again and again, and then inquire, Am I clothed with the whole armor of God, that I may be a successful co-laborer with Christ? The more we know of ourselves, the more we probe our motives and desires, the more heartfelt will be our consciousness of our utter inability to fight the battle of the Lord in our own strength, and the more deeply we shall feel the need of having our loins "girt about with truth," in order that we may have purity of purpose, and know that we are not serving ourselves, but the Lord Jesus Christ.  {ST, September 17, 1896 par. 2}


  It is a great privilege to be a co-laborer with Christ in the salvation of souls. With patient, unselfish effort the Saviour sought to reach man in his fallen condition, and to rescue him from the consequences of sin. His disciples, who are the teachers of His word, should closely imitate their great Exemplar.  {GW 191.1}


  Let your influence be persuasive, binding people to your hearts because you love Jesus, and these souls are His purchased possession. This is a great work. If, by your Christlike words and actions, you make impressions that will create in their hearts a hungering and thirsting after righteousness and truth, you are a co-laborer with Christ.  {9MR 377.4}


  When he who is a co-laborer with Christ, presses home the truth to the sinner's heart in humility and love, the voice of love speaks through the human instrumentality. Heavenly intelligences work with a consecrated, human agent, and the Spirit operates upon the soul of the unbeliever. Efficiency to believe comes from God to the heart, and the sinner accepts the evidence of God's word. Through the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit he is changed, and becomes one with Christ in spirit and purpose. His affection for God increases, he hungers after righteousness, and longs to be more like his master. By beholding Christ, he is changed from glory to glory, from character to character, and becomes more and more like Jesus. He is imbued with love for Christ and filled with a deep, unresting love for perishing souls, and Christ is formed within, the hope of glory. "As many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name."  {SpTA03 53.1}




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