Changes to Chapter 8 - Services, Meetings

                      Chapter 8:  Services and Meetings of the Church (page 75 to 100)

The 59th GC Session approved four changes to this Chapter, but also changed the placement in the new Church Manual edition, Services and Other Meetings will be the name of Chapter 10 in the new 18th edition manual.

   The following text has been added to the section Sabbath School and Worship Services, subsection titled Sabbath School

   Sabbath School should promote local and worldwide mission activities, the mission offering, and significant time for Bible study. (See Notes #1, page 172)     Appears on page 117 of 18th Edition


The following text has been added to the section Communion Service, subsection Unleavened Bread and Unfermented Wine

Unleavened Bread and Unfermented Wine (Grape Juice) -- "Christ is still at the table on which the paschal supper has been spread. The unleavened cakes used at the Passover season are before Him. The passover wine, untouched by fermentation, is on the table. These emblems Christ employs to represent His own unblemished sacrifice. Nothing corrupted by fermentation, the symbol of sin and death, could represent the 'Lamb without blemish and without spot.'  1 Peter 1: 19" -- Desire of Ages, page 653      Appears on page 120 of 18th Edition


   The following text has been added to the Notes section, paragraph 4, Bread and Wine 

Bread and Wine - (see page 121) -- A hymn may be sung during the reassemble of the congregation as the officiating pastors or elders take their places near the bread and wine (unfermented grape juice) and the deacons and deaconesses take their places.   Appears on page 175 of the 18th Edition


The following texts has been added to section, Business Meetings

The local church operates within defined roles in Seventh-day Adventist Church structure. Within the context of those roles, the business meeting is the governing authority of the local church. Members in regular standing are encouraged to attend and are entitled to vote. A member under censure has no right to participate by voice or vote.   Appears on page 123 of 18th Edition


This text represents an important change in the church manual will will be discussed on a separate page. Please go to  'Change to Business Meeting'

Business meetings shall be held at least once a year. The Pastor, or the board in consultation with and support of the pastor, calls the meeting. Business meetings typically are announced a week or two in advance at the regular Sabbath worship service, with detail as to time and place. The Pastor, an elder arranged by the pastor, or in some cases, the conference president, serves as chairperson of the business meeting.     Appears on page 123 of 18th Edition

Major items should be decided at a regular or specially called business meeting.

The business meeting has authority over the board and may delegate responsibilities to the board in addition to those already assigned by the Church Manual. (See page 124 - 127)
Appears on page 124 of 18th Edition


  The following text has been added to the section for the  Board and Its Meetings

Definition and Function - Every Church must have a functioning board whose members have been elected during a church business meeting. Its chief confern is the spiritual nurture of the church and the work of planning and fostering evangelism in all of its phases.   Appears on page 124 of 18th Edition

Membership -- In addition to conference-appointed pastors, the church should elect a representative board which includes the following officers: 
Head Deacon, Head Deaconess,
Interest Coordinator,
Adventists Men's Coordinator,
Adventist Youth Society leader,
Adventurer Club Director,
Ambassador Club Director 
Bible School Coordinator,
Children's Ministries leader,
Church Music Coordinator,
Communications Committee Chairperson (or Communications Secretary),
Community Services and/or Dorcas Society Leader,
Education Secretary,
Family Ministries Leader,
Health Ministries Leader,
Home and School Association leader,
Personal Ministries leader,
Pathfinder Club leader,
Publishing Ministries Coordinator,
Religious Liberty Leader,
Sabbath School Suprintendent,
Stewardship Ministries leader,
Women's Ministries Leader.
In some cases, depending on the size of the membership, the board may not include all of this list. In larger churches the church may elect additional members of the board. The Pastor appointed by the conference to serve the church always is a member of the board.  Appears on page 125 of 18th Edition]


The following text has been added to the section about the Clerk

The clerk serves as Secretary of the board and is responsible for recording, presenting, and preserving the minutes of the meetings.

The following text has been added to the section Youth Meetings, Ambassador Club Meetings
   This text is similar to the one added to Chapter 8, section for Youth Ministries, Ambassabor Club

Ambassador Club meetings provide specialized programs to meet the needs of youth, ages 16 through 21, and promote their involvement in the Church. Its meetings and other activities are to be carried out according to conference policies and in coordination with other youth / young adult ministries of the local church.    Appears on page 128 of 18th Edition

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