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    Preparation for Translation of the People of God


                               Condition   of   the   People  of  God                                                


+     the people of God are asleep  ( 6 )
    Distinguish the people of God from the world    ( 3 )
+      people of God are . . .


                               Lessons   to   the   People  of  God                                                  


+   Lesson for God's People  ( 9 )
+   Lesson for God's children  (  )


                                  H i s    p e o p l e                                      


         +    His people must . . .  ( 26 )    >   God's people must . . . ( 97 )

         +    His people must draw together  (  )   >


             After the second Coming                    
+     the inheritance of the saints .  .  .   (  )                      Title of Chapter 20 in book:  Last Day Events

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   If all who have influence felt the necessity of co-operation and would seek to answer the prayer of Christ, that they may be one as He is one with the Father, the cause of present truth would be a power upon this coast. But the people of God are asleep, and do not see the wants of the cause for this time. They do not feel the importance of concentrated action. Satan is ever seeking to divide the faith and hearts of God's people. He well knows that union is their strength, and division their weakness. It is important and essential that all of Christ's followers understand Satan's devices and with a united front meet his attacks and vanquish him. They need to make continual efforts to press together even if it be at some sacrifice to themselves.  {3T 434.4}


  In his second letter Paul sought to correct their misunderstanding of his teaching and to set before them his true position. He again expressed his confidence in their integrity, and his gratitude that their faith was strong, and that their love abounded for one another and for the cause of their Master. He told them that he presented them to other churches as an example of the patient, persevering faith that bravely withstands persecution and tribulation, and he carried their minds forward to the time of the second coming of Christ, when the people of God shall rest from all their cares and perplexities. { AA 264.2} 


   The magicians of heathen times have their counterpart in the spiritualistic mediums, the clairvoyants, and the fortune-tellers of today. The mystic voices that spoke at Endor and at Ephesus are still by their lying words misleading the children of men. Could the veil be lifted from before our eyes, we should see evil angels employing all their arts to deceive and to destroy. Wherever an influence is exerted to cause men to forget God, there Satan is exercising his bewitching power. When men yield to his influence, ere they are aware the mind is bewildered and the soul polluted. The apostle’s admonition to the Ephesian church should be heeded by the people of God today: “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11. { AA 290.2} 


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