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 God calls for workmen. He wants those who have gained an experience in the cause to enter the work in America. He wants them to take up the work in New York and in other cities where iniquity prevails. He wants them to start the work in his fear. Just as soon as possible let schools be established and workers educated to do medical missionary work. This work is the right hand of the body. It is bound up with the ministry of the gospel. God lives and reigns, and he desires those who have opposed health reform, who have worked against it by their influence, by their actions, by their sarcastic remarks, to make a thorough change. Do not longer divorce yourselves from the medical missionary work. Dr. Kellogg has been driven almost to despair as he has sought for some way in which he could bring the truth more prominently before the world. Let every minister of the gospel heed the words of Paul: “I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection; lest that by any means, when I have preached to others I myself should be a castaway.” God wants you to observe the strictest principles of temperance. He wants you to stand in a position of sacred nearness to him, where you can ask and he will hear, where you know that he will always be with you. { GCB April 10, 1901, par. 20 }


  I assure you that we are praying for you and for the work in New York City. But please do withdraw those startling notices of your meetings. If a fanatical wave should strike New York now, Satan would work upon human minds, setting in operation a work that none of you are prepared to handle. It is not excitement that we need at this time, but calm, steady, devoted effort for the education of the people.—Letter 17, 1902. { Ev 131.3} 


  Your work in New York has been started in right lines. You are to make in New York a center for missionary effort, from which work can be carried forward successfully. The Lord desires this center to be a training school for workers, and nothing is to be allowed to interrupt the work. After the people have embraced the truth and taken their stand, then the Lord will prepare them to be educated for the full reception of Bible truth. You must select as helpers men who can carry the work forward solidly and thoroughly, laboring for the conversion of the whole being, body, soul, and spirit. A solid foundation, laid upon gospel plans, must be laid for the building up of the church.—Letter 150, 1901. { Ev 385.6} 


  I ask you to investigate the work in New York, and lay plans for establishing a memorial for God in this city. It is to be a center for missionary effort, and in it a sanitarium is to be established.... A determined effort must be made to unify our churches in New York and the surrounding cities. This can be done, and it must be done if aggressive warfare in New York is successfully carried forward.—Letter 154, 1901. { Ev 388.4} 


  O, who will rid himself of all hindrances, and take up the work in New York City? Will you, my brother, take hold of this work where you are, helping as best you can? { RH September 16, 1902, par. 4 }


  Let all the workers in Nashville seek the Lord in prayer. He has placed means in the hands of his stewards for the advancement of his work. Wealthy unbelievers will be impressed to return to the Lord his own. God has led such ones to help the work in New York. Men not of our faith, but favorable to the truth, have helped in many ways, and we are praying and expecting that they will help still more. { SW March 13, 1902, par. 2 }


  I invest in the work of God all the means that I can possibly spare. I sent one thousand dollars to Elder _____ to help in beginning the work in New York City.... { 1MR 35.4 } 
The Lord presented before me the way in which the work should be carried on in our large cities. I was instructed by the Lord that Elder Haskell, who has a wide experience, should open up the work in New York upon correct plans, commencing missionary work after the Lord’s order. Let no man interpose himself to block Elder Haskell’s way. His work can be hindered, but God forbid that it should be. Clear the way for the aged servant of the Lord. Help him all you can. Do not allow meetings to be held where they will draw people away from the very interest which the Lord desires to see advanced, that souls may be won to Christ. { 4MR 313.1


MR No. 232 — On the Work in New York City
The Holy Spirit cannot be revealed to the church members in Greater New York while dissension and strife exist. Would it not be well for you to lay aside “all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings,” and “as new born babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby”? { 4MR 272.1 } 

I am charged to repeat the warnings given in the past—that it is not by making a great display that the work in New York and other places is to be carried forward. In the past mistakes have been made in the work in New York, mistakes which placed an erroneous stamp on the work, [Reference is to the work of E. E. Franke in 1901-1903.] and left a wrong impression on the minds of those who witnessed the wonderful performance. Much time has thus been lost, and many false impressions made, regarding our work and the truth we believe.—Manuscript 59, 1912, 4. (General manuscript, entitled, “Fragments,” August 13, 1912.) { 4MR 279.3 } 


MR No. 236— The Work in New York City

We ask you to remember that ever since Elder Haskell accepted the truth, he has worked earnestly for its advancement. Few have done as much as he has done. His life should now be specially guarded. He should have not only men but means for the carrying forward of the work in New York. This is a most important field. There is a class of monied men there who, if they see the work carried forward sensibly, not extravagantly and self-indulgently, but with simplicity and self-denial, will help with their means. { 4MR 299.1 } 
It is very important that at this stage of the work in New York, Elder Haskell have well-qualified helpers, men who have the true missionary spirit, who will take up the work in accordance with Christ’s example. Brother Brunson is needed in New York, and I am somewhat surprised to see that now, just as he is getting hold of the work there, plans are being made to call him away. I hope that the Lord will give Elder Brunson clear light in regard to his post of duty. It is a man’s privilege to know for himself whether he is in the right place, without depending on any other man’s preferences or decisions as to where he shall devote his energies.... The work in New York has been laid open before me. The Lord has shown me that the circumstances connected with that work are of such a character as to make it necessary that no haphazard work be done in sending men there. Elder Haskell needs the very best helper that can be provided—a man who will not make friction, who will understand his duty and do it. In answer to prayer, such a man has appeared. To take him from the field just as he is getting acquainted with the work, and put him where there are already several workers of talent and ability, is not in the order of the Lord. { 4MR 299.2 } 


                                                    medical  missionary  work  in  New  York                     
  To start medical missionary work in New York will be the best thing that you can do. I have been shown that if in this work there could be men and women of experience, who would give a correct representation of true medical missionary work, it would have great power in making a correct impression on the people.—Letter 195, 1901. { Ev 387.1} 


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