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                   G r a c e    o f    c h r i s t                                                     

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  All who receive Christ as a personal Saviour are to demonstrate the truth of the gospel and its saving power upon the life. God makes no requirement without making provision for its fulfillment. Through the grace of Christ we may accomplish everything that God requires. All the riches of heaven are to be revealed through God’s people. “Herein is My Father glorified,” Christ says, “that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be My disciples.” John 15:8. { COL 301.2}  Read entire Chapter 23





  A rich man, as such, cannot enter heaven. His wealth gives him no title to the inheritance of the saints in light. It is only through the unmerited grace of Christ that any man can find entrance into the city of God. { COL 394.3}  Read entire Chapter 28


 A Worthless Form Apart From Christ — It is the grace of Christ that gives life to the soul. Apart from Christ, baptism, like any other service, is a worthless form. “He that believeth not the Son shall not see life.”—  Desire of Ages, 181 (1898). { Evangelism, 318.3} 


  We are to take in the situation, and decide what is our purpose. I have a deep interest in the young men and young women who have enlisted in the army of the Lord. My love for Jesus Christ imbues me with a love for the souls of all for whom Christ has died. The words, "Ye are laborers together with God," mean much. No one can make conditions with God. We are servants of the living God, and all who shall be educated in our school, are to be trained to be workers. They labor to acquire correct principles. They are to connect with Christ by faith. Thus they can give great satisfaction to the heavenly universe. If each volunteer in the army of the Lord will do his best, God will do the rest. They are to call nothing their own. When striving for the victory, they are to strive lawfully. The Word is to be their teacher. Unholy ambition will not advance them, for God only can give them true wisdom and understanding; but He will not work with Satan. If envy and unholy ambition are cherished, if they wrestle for the victory to obtain human glory, the mind will be filled with confusion. Do your best. Advance as fast as possible to reach a high standard in spiritual things. Sink self in Jesus Christ, and aim ever to glorify His name. Bear in mind that talent, learning, position, wealth, and influence are gifts from God; therefore they should be consecrated to Him. Seek to obtain an education that will qualify you to be wise stewards of the manifold grace of Christ Jesus, servants under Christ, to do His bidding.  {FE 463.2}


   Remember that those who are truly united to Christ will show Christlike sympathy for one another. Are they not members of His body? Should they not show a kindly interest in their fellow-laborers, and rejoice in helping them? Such believers will exert an influence which produces the fruits of righteousness. Their light will shine forth to others, and the church will feel the benefit of the sanctifying power of the grace of Christ.  {ST, November 13, 1901 par. 8}






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