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  Multitudes are vainly seeking happiness in worldly amusements. They crave something which they do not have. They are spending their money for that which is not bread, and their labor for that which satisfieth not. The hungering, thirsting soul will continue to hunger and thirst as long as it partakes of these unsatisfying pleasures. O that every such one would listen to the voice of Jesus, “If any man thirst, let him come unto Me, and drink.” Those who drink of the living water will thirst no more for frivolous, exciting amusements. Christ, the wellspring of life, is the fountain of peace and happiness. { Evangelism, 266.1}


  Satan's temptations succeed with the professed followers of Christ on the point of indulgence of pleasure and appetite. Clothed as an angel of light he will quote Scripture to justify the temptations he places before men to indulge the appetite and in worldly pleasures which suit the carnal heart. The professed followers of Christ are weak in moral power and are fascinated with the bribe which Satan has presented before them, and he gains the victory. How does God look upon churches that are sustained by such means? Christ cannot accept these offerings, because they were not given through their love and devotion to Him, but through their idolatry of self. But what many would not do for the love of Christ, they will do for the love of delicate luxuries to gratify the appetite, and for love of worldly amusements to please the carnal heart.  {Con 71.1}   {CS 204.2}




  At any moment God could withdraw from the impenitent the tokens of His wonderful mercy and love. O, that human agencies would consider what will be the sure result of their ingratitude to Him, their disregard of the infinite Gift of Christ to the world! Loving transgression more than obedience, the blessings of God, which they enjoy but do not appreciate, will become the occasion of their eternal ruin. Choosing to engage in worldly amusements and sinful pleasures rather than to check themselves in a course of sin and live for the honor of God, they learn too late what it means to be without God, without hope. Then they learn what they have lost by choosing to stand in rebellion to His commandments. In the past they have defied His power, rejected His overtures of mercy. When His judgments fall upon them they realize that they have lost happiness, life -- eternal life in the heavenly courts. Surely they will say, "Our life was full of madness against God, and now we are lost."  {ST, July 22, 1908 par. 4}


    When, in well doing, the keeping of the soul is committed to God as unto a faithful Creator, the light will shine upon our pathway, and it will grow brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. But it must be in well doing. We may profess Christ, and yet deny him in our lives. If our words and acts are not in accordance with his character, if we manifest selfishness, if we have a complaining spirit, if we indulge in light and trifling conversation, if we love worldly amusements more than we love God, if we take no pleasure in self-denial for Christ’s sake, can we suppose that God is our guide and counselor? There must be entire obedience to God; then our hearts will be in harmony with the spirit that pervades heaven, and benevolence and brotherly love will be in active exercise. { GW92 441.1 }  also appears  { RH May 20, 1884, par. 7 }






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