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                       Using  the  model  in  2015  for  Texas groups to welcome and serve visitors to GC Session in St. Louis


          Welcoming  visitors  to  61st  GC  Session  in  St. Louis  in June  2022


July  6, 2021

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new group for Adventists in the state of Missouri.  This group will operate similar to the other geographic groups on   Adventists in Indiana   ♦   E-ventists in Atlanta   ♦   E-ventists in California   ♦   E-ventists in Florida   ♦   Adventists in Ohio   ♦   E-ventists in New England   ♦   E-ventists in Texas   ♦   E-ventists in Tennessee   ♦   E-ventists in Illinois   ♦   E-ventists in Washington DC   ♦   E-ventists in Canada   ♦   E-ventists in Europe  -  E-ventists in Netherlands   ♦   E-ventists in South America   ♦   E-ventists in Brazil   ♦   E-ventists in Australia and New Zealand  --  however, the 61st GC Session which will be held in St. Louis in June  6 to 11, 2022 presents an opportunity to serve the thousands of Adventists who are on LINKEDin and want to follow the GC Session.

   In 2010 the Atlanta group was able to utilize the LINKEDin technology for groups to prepare a warm welcome for the visitors attending the GC Session in Atlanta;  in 2015 the Texas group was able to utilize LINKEDin technology for groups to follow the GC Session in San Antonio; we can build on that experience and show real hospitality and services to our brethren attending the GC Session in 2022.  I expect people will even join LINKEDin just to be involved with this project . . .


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There is a group called Attending 2020 GC Session in Indianapolis  for those who will attend or just want to follow the GC Session in 2020.  Click on LINK  /\  to join  (Has 206 members as of Mar. 5, 2020)

                                    the group LOGO looks like the Logo for attending 2015 session




 We have plans to create a group for the Lake Region Conference (see their website ) - but waiting for conference leaders to respond.  They call their project  Impact Indiana  
 We plan to create another subgroup for the churches in Indianapolis. Adventists in these groups will plan and organize services to help the visiting members from outside the Indianapolis area and especially visitors from outside the USA. Services like, travel information, transportation, tour guides, Child Day Care, language translation, guide to vegetarian eating placeslost and found, finding affordable or last minute accommodations, emergency help, testimonials and as many sharing and fellowship based functions as the Holy Spirit inspires us to think of.


  Visitors will not be able to join the conference subgroups and will not have access to the discussions there, interaction between Adventists in Missouri and visitors will happen on the main group and these subgroups:

       Going to 2020 GC Session in St. Louis  

       Visitors Guide to Vegetarian Eating in Saint Louis

       Translation Services for GC Session

       Child Day Care for GC Session in 2022

       another subgroup coming to list the booths at the convention center

This has the potential to be the largest group for Adventists on LINKEDin because of the great interest in the GC Session. LINKEDin allows us to have as many groups as are needed. Churches and ministries in Indianapolis area can have their own subgroup.
I decided to launch this group six months before the GC Session to organize Adventists in Missouri, and soon the Adventists who are planning to attend the GC Session will be able to find Adventists living in Indiana and the Indianapolis area with mutual interests or common grounds for friendship, and when they arrive in Indianapolis for the Session it will be like meeting an old friend.
This was done in 2010 with the 59th GC Session with the creation of the group for Adventists in Atlanta, this group is now called E-ventists in Atlanta, and still has over 300 members, with 130 members still in the subgroup called Attending GC Session.
This was also done in 2015 for the 60th GC Session with the creation of the group for Adventists in Texas, this group is now called   E-ventists in Texas  and still has over 400 members, with 250 members still in the subgroup called Attending the GC Session in San Antonio;

I hope to improve on this and make the 61st GC Session memorable for many visitors and after the Session the Indiana group will continue to function, just as the Atlanta group is still growing ten years after the 59th Session ended.

To join the group for Seventh-day Adventists in Indiana, called  E-ventists in Indiana  -  

Click here --    I would especially like to see those that were involved with the subgroups for Attending GC Session in Atlanta and San Antonio to join and share their experiences.

I will create discussions on other LINKEDin groups for Adventists to answer any questions.
God Bless


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