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           +     Integrity  ( 1,548 ) 

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           +     Integrity of soul    (  )         >     

           +     Strict integrity  ( 77 )       ( see favorites below )   "strict integrity"  

               Maintained their integrity   (  )

           +++     Unwavering integrity  ( 6 )         



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A young man who enjoys the society and wins the friendship of a young lady unbeknown to her parents does not act a noble Christian part toward her or toward her parents. Through secret communications and meetings he may gain an influence over her mind, but in so doing he fails to manifest that nobility and integrity of soul which every child of God will possess. In order to accomplish their ends, they act a part that is not frank and open and according to the Bible standard, and prove themselves untrue to those who love them and try to be faithful guardians over them. Marriages contracted under such influences are not according to the word of God. He who would lead a daughter away from duty, who would confuse her ideas of God's plain and positive commands to obey and honor her parents, is not one who would be true to the marriage obligations. . . .  {AH 57.3}






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