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                            i n f i n i t e            (  5  RELATED  PHRASES )                      

                          The  word  'infinite'  appears  2xxx  times in the published writings of EGW               See page on Original site                                        Related Phrase:   Infinite power  ( 38 )



  In the work of reform, Luther had been urged forward by the Spirit of God, and had been carried beyond himself. He had not purposed to take such positions as he did, or to make so radical changes. He had been but the instrument in the hand of Infinite Power. Yet he often trembled for the result of his work. He had once said: "If I knew that my doctrine injured one man, one single man, however lowly and obscure, -- which it cannot, for it is the gospel itself,-- I would rather die ten times than not retract it."-- Ibid., b. 9, ch. 7.  Great Controversy, page 188.1   Entire Chapter 10









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