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This is God's Way of Working
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This  is  God's  Way  of  Working
Cornelius, the Roman centurion, was not even accounted a disciple of Christ; but he had faith in God, according to the light that he had, and he was reaching out for more light. The Lord saw this man would do honor to the church, and he brought him into connection with the apostle Peter. He sent a special message from heaven to him, and by another message directed Peter to visit him, and give him light. That is God's way of working. Daily prayers for light and guidance will surely be answered.  {RH, May 12, 1904 par. 1}
There is a lesson for us in this experience of Paul's, for it reveals God's way of working. The Lord can bring victory out of that which may seem to us discomfiture and defeat. We are in danger of forgetting God, of looking at the things which are seen, instead of beholding by the eye of faith the things which are unseen. When misfortune or calamity comes, we are ready to charge God with neglect or cruelty. If He sees fit to cut off our usefulness in some line, we mourn, not stopping to think that thus God may be working for our good. We need to learn that chastisement is a part of His great plan and that under the rod of affliction the Christian may sometimes do more for the Master than when engaged in active service.  {AA 481.1}
That  is  God's  way  of  working

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