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Changing the Church Manual

The 59th General Conference Session has changed the wording of the procedure describing how to change the Church Manual. This will be found in Chapter 1, section titled 'Making Changes'

If a local church, conference or union conference / mission wishes to propose a Church Manual revision, it should submit its proposal to the next constituent level for counsel and study. If that level approves the proposal, it submits the suggested revision to the next level for additional evaluation. If the various levels approve the proposal, it comes before the General Conference Church Manual Committee, which considers all recommendations. If the Church Manual Committee approves a revision, it prepares it for presentation at an Annual Council and / or General Conference Session.          18th edition page 19

   The wording found in the 17th Edition (approved in 2005) was . . .
Church Manual, page xxi    ( 17th Edition )
·         "Changes in or revisions of the Church Manual, the Notes excepted (see below), can be made only by action of a General Conference session in which delegates of the world body of believers are assembled and have a voice in making revisions. If revisions in the Church Manual are considered necessary by any of the constituent levels (see page 26), such revisions should be submitted to the next constituent level for wider counsel and study.  If approved, the suggested revisions are then submitted to the next constituent level for further evaluation. Any proposed revisions shall then be sent to the General Conference Church Manual Committee."
   The wording for changes regarding the Notes have also been changed to the following . . .
Changes in the Church Manual, except for the Notes and editorial changes, can only be made by action of a General Conference Session. . .
Since then, the content of the Church Manual is divided into two types of material. The content of each chapter is of worldwide value and is to be followed by every church organization, congregation and member. Recognizing the need for variations in some sections, additional explanatory material, presented as guidance and examples, appears as Notes at the end of the Church Manual. The Notes have subheadings corresponding to chapter subheadings and page numbers of the main text.
The Notes are no longer found at the end of the chapter they are explaining, but at the end of the Church Manual.

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