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Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White with . . .
21  Phrases  related  to   S c r i p t u r e s 
-|-     see  The Bible
-|-     The Holy Scriptures (  )  >
 The  Scriptures
 -|-     The Scriptures declare   ( 30 )    >   The Scriptures Declare that . . .
 -|-     Find fault with the Scriptures   ( 4 )
-|-     The Scriptures teaches us   ( 4 )
Search  the  Scriptures
-|-     Search the Scriptures   ( 957 )    >   Search the Scriptures daily   ( 29 )
                                                  >   Search the Scriptures diligently   ( 48 )    
                                                  >   Search the Scriptures for in them . . .   ( 107 )
                                                 -|-    neglect to search the Scriptures
-|-     Searching the Scriptures   (271)   > 
.  .  .  of  the  Scriptures
-|-      authority of the Scriptures   (   )    >    authority of Scripture  (  )
-|-     Contempt of the Scriptures    ( 5 )     >    Comtempt for the Scriptures
-|-      Ignorance of the Scriptures   ( 18 )
-|-      Knowledge of the Scriptures   ( 195 )
-|-     Study of the Scriptures   ( 265 )   >  Diligent study of the Scriptures
                                                                    ►   Prayerful study of the Scriptures   ( 9 ) 
-|-     students of the Scriptures  ( 27 )   >   be diligent students of the Scriptures
-|-     Scripture as its own interpreter   ( 4 )
-|-     Teaching of the Scriptures    (   )
-|-      Testimonies of the Scriptures   (  )   >   Testimony of Scripture  (  )

          My personal favorite
   Satan well knows that all whom he can lead to neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures, will be overcome by his attacks. Therefore he invents every possible device to engross the mind. There has ever been a class professing godliness, who, instead of following on to know the truth, make it their religion to seek some fault of character or error of faith in those with whom they do not agree. Such are Satan's right-hand helpers. Accusers of the brethren are not few, and they are always active when God is at work and His servants are rendering Him true homage. They will put a false coloring upon the words and acts of those who love and obey the truth. They will represent the most earnest, zealous, self-denying servants of Christ as deceived or deceivers. It is their work to misrepresent the motives of every true and noble deed, to circulate insinuations, and arouse suspicion in the minds of the inexperienced. In every conceivable manner they will seek to cause that which is pure and righteous to be regarded as foul and deceptive.   Great Controversy, page 519.2
Only those who have been diligent students of the Scriptures and who have received the love of the truth will be shielded from the powerful delusion that takes the world captive. By the Bible testimony these will detect the deceiver in his disguise. To all the testing time will come. By the sifting of temptation the genuine Christian will be revealed. Are the people of God now so firmly established upon His word that they would not yield to the evidence of their senses? Would they, in such a crisis, cling to the Bible and the Bible only? Satan will, if possible, prevent them from obtaining a preparation to stand in that day. He will so arrange affairs as to hedge up their way, entangle them with earthly treasures, cause them to carry a heavy, wearisome burden, that their hearts may be overcharged with the cares of this life and the day of trial may come upon them as a thief.  Great Controversy, page 625.3
The accession of the Roman Church to power marked the beginning of the Dark Ages. As her power increased, the darkness deepened. Faith was transferred from Christ, the true foundation, to the pope of Rome. Instead of trusting in the Son of God for forgiveness of sins and for eternal salvation, the people looked to the pope, and to the priests and prelates to whom he delegated authority. They were taught that the pope was their earthly mediator and that none could approach God except through him; and, further, that he stood in the place of God to them and was therefore to be implicitly obeyed. A deviation from his requirements was sufficient cause for the severest punishment to be visited upon the bodies and souls of the offenders. Thus the minds of the people were turned away from God to fallible, erring, and cruel men, nay, more, to the prince of darkness himself, who exercised his power through them. Sin was disguised in a garb of sanctity. When the Scriptures are suppressed, and man comes to regard himself as supreme, we need look only for fraud, deception, and debasing iniquity. With the elevation of human laws and traditions was manifest the corruption that ever results from setting aside the law of God.   Great Controversy, page 55.1
"Jesus met the people on their own ground, as one who was acquainted with their perplexities. He made truth beautiful by presenting it in the most direct and simple way....But while His teaching was simple, He spoke as one having authority. This characteristic set His teaching in contrast with that of all others. The rabbis spoke with doubt and hesitancy, as if the Scriptures might be interpreted to mean one thing or exactly the opposite. The hearers were daily involved in greater uncertainty. But Jesus taught the Scriptures as of unquestionable authority. Whatever His subject, it was presented with power, as if His words could not be controverted."  Desire of Ages, p. 253: 
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