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Nominating Committee - page 157
Church Manual, page 157 (17th Edition)  
·         "If any member of the church desires to appear before the committee during its sessions to make suggestions or objections, he/she should be given opportunity to do so. After the one appearing before the committee has retired from the committee room, the suggestions or objections should be considered on their merits. When this has been done and everything is clear to the satisfaction of the committee, the committee is ready to report to the church.”
Please answer one or more of the following questions.

A member objects to the report at the first reading, the NC meets in the next few days to consider the objection, but the member does not show up to the meeting. The Pastor is aware of the objection and the committee discusses the objection and becomes satisfied that the objection was dealt with. They also make some changes to the nominating committee report, adding a new nominee for a position, and removing a name, and creating a new position title and a nominee for it.

First question:
Can the nominating committee vote that the member who did not show up, NOT be allowed to object at the second reading?

Second Question
At the second reading, can the member from Question 1 object to the report?  If yes, on what grounds?

Third Question:
Can the Nominating Committee vote to put a restriction on a member who may desire to appear before the committee during its sessions (ie: requests made only in writing and sent via USPS mail). This restriction is on a specific member and other members are not restricted in this way?

Fourth Question:
Can the Church Board put a restriction on a member’s ability to appear before the nominating committee, which is binding on the Nominating Committee?

Please post a comment or answer to any or all questions. When you comment. Indicate which question you are answering. Please give more than a 'yes' or 'no' answer, explain why.

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