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Revival of the Holy Spirit
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Revival  of  the  Holy  Spirit

Will the workers in the various lines of God's work ponder these things? A large share of the shallowness of the work is the result of the shallowness of the workers. When the Spirit of God works, something will be done, and in a much larger degree than we have yet seen. Where is the power of the workers? Where is the demonstration of the Spirit? Where is the assurance of faith? There is a sad deficiency in the preaching of God's word. Much fluent talking may be done. Much cleverness may be shown in the presentation of the different points of truth. All this has been seen. Ears are gratified, a present emotion is excited; but where are the souls who are identifying themselves with Christ? Where is the holy unction, the living earnestness, the deep moving of the Spirit of God? Where are those who expound the truth by upholding staunch, correct principles, irrespective of loss or gain? O that God would impress his ministers with the need of being thoroughly converted! O that he would impress them with their need of an abiding Christ! Then there would be a revival of the Holy Spirit.  {RH, February 28, 1899 par. 9}

God calls for a higher devotion on the part of His people. There is need of a revival of the Holy Spirit in every place. A reformation is needed. The expense is to be carefully guarded lest too much money shall be expended in a few places. Human planning has been seen in the erection of costly buildings involving a large expenditure, when less expensive buildings would have been sufficient for the needs of the work. All the buildings erected should be neat and tasteful, but unnecessary expense should be avoided. These buildings are to represent our faith. They are not to be put up at such an expense that the debt on them will deny our faith. It is the integrity of the workers, not the costliness of the building, that exalts an institution before men and angels.  {13MR 409.4}

I urge my ministering brethren to improve in their manner of praying. This can and must be done. I must say to them, The shorter you make your spiritless prayers, the better will it be for the congregation. It is generally the case that the less of heaven's vitality there is in a prayer, the more lengthy it is. Do not spend a long time in prayer before a congregation unless you know that God is inditing the prayer. Let the prayers made in public be short and full of earnestness. The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much; but the prayer uttered in a low, monotonous tone and spiritless manner is not accepted by God. The voice of prayer should rise to God from hearts burdened by a sense of need. Let there be a revival of the Holy Spirit, that your prayers may be filled with the power of heaven.  {RH, January 14, 1902 par. 11}
Somehow, we often seem to carry on our meetings in a tame, lifeless way. We need a revival of the Spirit of God. Every one is to work out his own salvation with fear and trembling. If you will all plant your feet upon the living Word of God, believing it and acting in harmony with it, confessing your sins in all humility and following Christ, we shall see among us more of the working of His mighty power.  {1SAT 396.1}
Unless this converting power shall go through our churches, unless the revival of the Spirit of God shall come, all their profession will never make the members of the church Christians. There are sinners in Zion who need to repent of sins that have been cherished as precious treasures. Until these sins are seen, and thrust from the soul, until every faulty, unlovely trait of character is transformed by the Spirit's influence, God cannot manifest Himself in power. There is more hope for the open sinner than for the professedly righteous who are not pure, holy, and undefiled.-- {1MR 366.3}

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