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Request to join Adventists LINKED - March 3, 2011

Reply from John on 3/03/2001


On 03/03/11 3:32 PM, Mario Petrovalle wrote:

Hello John
I am glad to see you have renewed your request to join. The reason for the delay is because I started a discussion in the group asking how they felt about my approving non-Adventists. I included your reply to the question of why you wanted to join. There were ten comments posted
One member posted this comment
Well, I would respond as a believer in adventism that the name refers to belief in the imminent Second Coming (or "Second Advent") of Jesus Christ (Wikipedia). Christ means: 'Anointed One' by God! Jesus means: 'Our Lord'. 'Christ's evangelism from sin' means becoming holy unto God, but not by ourselves but by the indwelling power of the Holy Ghost of God. Christ did say that He did not change the Law of God but He made it possible that we got Help from God by His Holy Spirit to keep His Commandments like the seventh-day Sabbath. Therefore we must worship God by Spirit and Truth, as Christ tells us to do because God is looking for those believers. Worship is the last stage of a believers life before entering Gods Holy Place in Heaven (see His Tabernacle /Temple). When we believe and do according to Christ's commands we worship God the Father of our New Life. We as believers in Christ of God call ourselves sinners and ask God to make us holy by the indwelling inclination of His Christ our Lord Jesus. Humility is the key to become holy by His works in us and while we try to keep His commandments, like the Sabbath also every day of our lives - Christ said - with God anything is possible, also making us all holy unto Him.
Another member wrote
Perhaps it would be worthwhile to suggest a Bible study to the person. You could say that the group tends to discuss topics that are related to the Adventist message and denomination, and that if this person so desires to better understand the Everlasting Gospel as given in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, then perhaps we could put him or her in contact with a local Adventist pastor. After a period of time and after keeping in touch with the person, if the rhetoric kind of changes from incoherency to something more along the lines of progress, then it would seem joining the group would be more appropriate.
In general, the members of the group want me to screen requests to join and only approve members of the SDA denomination or people studying to be members.
Therefore, I will decline your request for membership unless you want to study with an Adventist in your area. Send me your e-mail address and City that you live in and I will find someone who you can study with and get back to you.
Thank you for your interest in our group for Adventists LINKED

On 03/03/11 5:45 AM, John wrote:

Christ is sinless; faith; church. Christian churches worship Christianity. Evangelism is process whereby result eliminates sin. Christian churches have not converted from sinful. Worship adds to, takes from, faith. Christian churches have not converted to sinless. Christianity is process whereby result eliminates sin. Christian churches worship evangelism. Anti-church, anti-faith and anti-Christ are sinful.