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Books written by EGW
List of books written by Ellen G. White

The Adventist Home, 1952. 583 pp.

Instruction relating to the home, and rearing of the family.

Christian Service, 1925. 283 pp.

How to be effective in Christian service and winning souls

Counsels for the Church, 1991. 462 pp.

Instruction on Christian living, the home, health, and the coming conflict, brought together in one volume.
Counsels on Diet and Foods, 1938. 511 pp. A book of counsels on how diet relates to healthful living.
Counsels on Sabbath School Work, 1938. 192 pp. Counsel for those involved in Sabbath School work.
Counsels on Stewardship, 1940, 372 pp.

Presents the philosophy and principles involved in the Christian's relationship to money and property.

Counsels to Writers and Editors, 1946. 192 pp. Principles of Christian book and periodical editing.
Education, 1903. 321 pp. Principles of Christian education designed for parents and teachers.
Evangelism, 1946. 747 pp

A handbook for personal and public evangelism.

The Faith I Live By, 1958. 384 pp Devotional book for 1959.
God's Remnant Church, 1950. 63 pp Counsel relevant to the life of the church.
In Heavenly Places, 1967. 382 p Devotional book for 1968.
Last Day Events, 1992. 330 pp.  Instruction regarding the end time.
Lift Him Up, 1988. 382 pp.  Devotional book for 1989.
Manuscript Releases, vols.1-21 Contains previously unpublished materials
Maranatha, 1976. 382 pp. Devotional book for 1977.
Messages to Young People, 1930. 502 pp. Selections to aid the youth in practical Christian living.

Mind, Character, and Personality,

vol. 1, 1978. 369 pp;  vol. 2, 1978. 443 pp.
Our High Calling, 1961. 380 pp.  Devotional book for 1962.
Promises for the Last Days, 1994. 155 pp.  A collection of promises taken from over 40 EGW sources
The Sanctified Life, 1937. 110 pp

Articles originally published in the R&H in 1881

Selected Messages, book 1, 1958. 448 pp Instruction on subjects, including the inspiration of the prophetic writers, revival and reformation
Selected Messages, book 2, 1958. 512 pp

Instruction on topics as false prophets, secret societies, assurance to those facing death

Selected Messages, book 3, 1980. 510 pp.

Includes the 1888 Minneapolis General Conference, and last day events.
Sons and Daughters of God, 1955. 383 pp. The 1956 devotional book.
The Southern Work, 1966. 96 pp. Nine articles published in the R&H in 1895 and 1896,
The Story of Redemption, 1947. 445 pp.

The great controversy story from the fall of Lucifer to the close of the millennium

Temperance, 1949. 309 pp.  
Testimonies on Sexual Behavior,1989. 271 pp

Prepared especially for church administrators and other ministers

Testimonies to Ministers, 1923. 566 pp.

Counsels initially published in pamphlets

That I May Know Him, 1964. 382 pp. The 1965 devotional book.
The Truth About Angels, 1996. 314 pp

A compilation of Ellen White statements about angels

The Upward Look, 1982. 383 pp. The 1983 devotional book.

Welfare Ministry, 1952. 349 pp.

A handbook on evangelism and practical Christian ministry.