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Visions of Ellen G. White
The Visions of Ellen G. White
She received about 2,000 prophetic dreams and visions between 1844 and 1909 which would form the basis for her personal testimonies, sermons, articles and books.
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.  .  . Weak and trembling, I arose at three o'clock in the morning to write to you. God was speaking through clay. You might say that this communication was only a letter. Yes, it was a letter, but prompted by the Spirit of God, to bring before your minds things that had been shown me. In these letters which I write, in the testimonies I bear, I am presenting to you that which the Lord has presented to me. I do not write one article in the paper expressing merely my own ideas. They are what God has opened before me in vision -- the precious rays of light shining from the throne.  {5T 67.2}

         Here are a few of these visions as described in her writings.
First Vision -   Reading from Early Writings - December 1844
Vision of the New Earth - "one year after first vision"
Randolph,  Massachusetts  (The Large Bible) - January 1846
Vision in a Sailboat, Fairhaven, Mass. - Summer 1846
Heavenly Sanctuary vision - - April 1847
The Sealing - EW, page 36 & CET, p 100 - Jan. 5, 1849
The Open and Shut Door Vision - March 24, 1849
Visions about modern spiritualism - - 1849 to 1858
The Vision of the Shaking Nov. 20, 1857
Great Controversy Vision - Lovett's Grove, Ohio - March 1858
Wrongs by individuals - Dec. 23, 1860
The Civil War Vision  -   - January 12, 1861
 Health Reform Vision - June 6, 1863
 'Political Sentiments' - Dec. 25, 1865
 Traveling the Narrow Way - August 1868 
  A Solemn Dream - April 30, 1871
 The Coming Judgment - Oct. 23, 1879
'What might have been'     Video about vision - January 5, 1903
 The "Balls of Fire" visions - July 1, 1904 
 Earthquake Vision - April 16, 1906 
 Last Vision of EGW - March 3, 1915
      Other visions where dates were not given  
A Reform Movement date not given
Close of Third Angel's Message date not given
Vision of the New Earth ( 1T, pp 67 ) date not given 
 First Dream (prior to first vision) prior to 1844 
 EGW wrtes about her visions Selected dates
 Vision of the night - a Platform Unknown date  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
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