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Truth Will be Revealed
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Truth  will  be  Revealed

We must make it a matter of thought and of diligent study to present the truth in that sincerity and earnestness that will inspire confidence and faith that we have learned of Jesus. A flash of light will come upon the pages and bright gems of truth will be revealed to you, and it will be the voice of God to you, as a fire shut up in your bones. You will want to speak of the Bible truths, for you will feel that they are the most precious riches, treasure the earth cannot give, and while you are talking to the people light will be given from heaven. We want to search the Scriptures for ourselves and to be thoroughly in earnest.  {2SAT 13.4}

Those who are engaged in the work of the gospel need the help that the members of their family can give in the work of character building. Courage and strength will come to the hearts of the workers when there is a united effort on the part of the family to keep heaven always in view, and to work intelligently for God. Faith enlightens the mind. As ministers and people become laborers together with God for the salvation of their families, the power of truth will be revealed in their labors. Their teaching and their deportment will show that they themselves are being sanctified through the truth.  {RH, February 1, 1912 par. 9}

In the evening we met with the church at their house of worship, and I spoke to them in regard to the necessity of receiving Christ as their personal Saviour. When we thus accept him, the beauty of truth will be revealed through us; for in our words and our life it will be presented as it is in Jesus. There will be no strife to see who shall be greatest, but we shall individually seek to represent Christ, and thus let our light shine to the world. If the words of Jesus dwell in us, we shall represent his love, in kindness, in humility, in goodness, coming in close union with the people of God, and working as missionaries of Jesus wherever we have opportunity. Instead of seeking to glorify ourselves, we shall exalt the name that is above every name, Jesus, the center of all attraction.  {RH, February 16, 1892 par. 15}
God calls for a thorough purification of households and institutions. There is need, not merely of a revival, but of a reformation. Every church needs to be stirred as never before. When the great light that God has given shines forth through human agencies, a great work will be done. In demonstration of the Spirit, and with power, the truth will be revealed in clear, distinct lines. But this work must begin in the home.  {RH, July 15, 1902 par. 10} 
The most cruel, and the most incurable thing is bigotry and prejudice and it lives just as firmly in human hearts today as when Christ was upon the earth. But I leave all this in the hands of God. I feel cut loose from many of my brethren, they do not understand me or my mission or my work, for if they did they could never have pursued the course they have done. I love to have the ones who feel they need help, poor, hungry, starving souls. I love to see them enjoy the precious light God has given me for them. O, how Jesus rejoiced when a place was found for the truth in the heart of the woman of Samaria. The disciples brought him food and prayed him, saying, Master, eat, but he said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of. Jesus said unto them My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work. Say ye not there are yet four months and then cometh harvest. Behold I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields for they are white already to harvest. Yes, Lord, I look, I see the fields, and I see them white unto the harvest. The words given me of God may find no place in the hearts of those who have heard them so many times, but there are fields all white ready to harvest, just such cases as this Samaritan woman, apparently the most unlikely will become the heralds of truth while those who have had great light will be passed by, wise and prudent they see not the workings of God, but the truth will be revealed to babes, and they will respond to it.  {1888 800.1}

However, after much meditation, heart searching, and prayer over the matter during the past night, I have decided that it is far better to be submissive than to resist. I do not as yet see the force of all that has been written to me personally, but doubtless as I walk in the light that I can see in it, additional light and truth will be revealed to me.  {6BIO 159.5}
    Note:  This was not written by EGW, it was written to her by the President of a Conference

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