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Clarifications by Union Conference level

Church Manual, page xxii
·         "Churches should look to the local conference for advice pertaining to the operating of the church or on questions arising from the Church Manual.  If mutual understanding or agreement is not reached, the matter should be referred to the union for clarification."

There are situations where a church and local conference did not have "mutual understanding or agreement" and the matter was referred to the Union Conference for clarification, and clarification was provided.

We realize that not all of these clarifications move on to become changes to the church manual, but it would be nice to develop a public record that could help someone in another Union to achieve "mutual understanding or agreement" with their local conference. It could also be helpful to a Union Conference that is asked for clarification of some aspect of the operation of the church or a difficult question about the church manual.

We will develop a list of Union Conference administration, Executive Secretary and ask them to participate.