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Appeal to Union Conference
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our church leaders realize where the problem is

With your prayers
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  The power of united prayers

On January 16th we announced our support for a church where the members are being deprived of a voice in the affairs of the church by the pastor and the church board.
The last business meeting was over 27 months ago and the last election of church officers (via a nominating committee process) was over three years and nine months ago. Which means that the members of the church board have been running the church for over 20 months after the expiration of the term of office that they were elected to in April 2007.  Unfortunately the concerned members can not do a thing about this without a business meeting.
Some concerned members complained to the local conference administration over 20 months ago. Prompt action was promised 15 months ago but when nothing was done by the local conference or the Union Conference leaders the concerned members accused the pastor of ‘misconduct’ according to Working Policy L-60 section 10  (because 'misconduct' is the only church procedure or working policy that will allow a complaint that occurs at the church level to be considered by the division level. All other complaints can not go higher than the Union Conference level).
On December 29th, Dan Jackson, the president of the North American Division rendered a decision that he will pray for guidance but take no action. (see his decision) In the month after his decision his prayer for guidance was answered from the inspired writings of Ellen White and these four texts were sent to him.   Click here to see texts
On January 26th, Dan Jackson clarified his first decision.  See his second decision
He has locked to door and given the key to the Atlantic Union Conference.  We feel it is now necessary to identify this Union Conference because this Union has been asked to do its duty and continues to show indifference regarding this matter.  We feel justified to give you this information because the policy says that misconduct of a pastor is a "matter of general denominational concern"
We believe the local conference has mishandled this matter and the Union Conference should not be indifferent to the e-mails and appeals sent to the Union President and Executive Secretary asking them for a business meeting or to follow Working Policy L-60.
An  Important  piece  of  the  puzzle
It has come to our attention that the local conference may NOT have even asked the pastor to call a business meeting in the last twenty months. They may NOT have informed him that the church manual requires a business meeting at least once a year, that the church must have a functioning church board which is elected at a business meeting and that the maximum term of office is two years and deacons and deaconess can not serve beyond that time without being re-elected.  The conference asked the pastor to attend a meeting with two concerned members at the conference office in March 2010 and he did not attend, and the meeting has not been rescheduled.
Therefore, we are asking you to support the members of this church and
contact Don King, the President of Atlantic Union Conference       E-mail address below
            and send a copy to
            Dan Jackson, President of the North American Division
You can show your support by sending a message saying
As a concerned Seventh-day Adventist you want to ask Don King a simple question. 
Did the local conference ask the Pastor of this church to call a business meeting or to start the election process in the last 20 months?
The Union does not even know the answer.  We hope that this question will spark a concern to find out the answer.
We suggested that the President of the North American Division ask this question, and he replied. If you did not read his January 26th reply  Click here

I sent an e-mail to the President of the Atlantic Union and called three times.
But have received no response since 1/26
If the Atlantic Union Conference and the North American Division knew the answer to this question they might realize that the problem is with the local conference.

Either there is a pastor in rebellion of church authority and the conference can not deal with it.  Or the local conference is ignoring the complaints and appeals of the church members and will make no effort to restore a voice to the members of this church, and this may continue until someone talks to the pastor. The pastor certainly knows complaints have been made about this.
Here are the e-mail addresses for

    Don King             dking@atlanticUnion.org

    Dan Jackson      
Please send a copy to   churchmanual@gmail.com and we will keep you informed
Please pray that this question will wake them up,

and see that action is needed.
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