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Published Articles not found on CD-ROM
Writings of Ellen White not found on the CD-ROM from the Ellen White Estate
For those of us who have the CD-ROM of the Complete Writings of Ellen G. White. It has come to our attention that some of her writings are not on the CD-ROM
 Here is a list of the works not on the CD-ROM
 The Southern Watchman, May 1, 1906
 Letter K-303, 1903   was never published

Here is a statement from that letter
"Coming, as He did, as a man, to meet and be subjected to with all the evil tendencies to which man is heir, working in every conceivable manner to destroy His faith, He made it possible for Himself to be buffeted by human agencies inspired by Satan, the rebel who had been expelled from heaven.” (Letter K-303, 1903, p. 6)
Document from EGW Estate containing Letter 303
Glossary of Obsolete and little used Words and Terms with altered meanings
"Like the Bible writers, Ellen White used the language of her day.
However, writing styles change, as do meanings of words. Thus, when the Comprehensive Index to the Writings of Ellen G. White was published in 1963, a “Glossary of Obsolete and Little Used Words and Terms with Altered Meanings” was included at the end of Volume 3. The purpose was to help readers understand better what Mrs. White was saying. In her time, words such as “he,” “man,” “men,” and “mankind” were accepted as generic terms that included both men and women. Today this is not so common. Thus, without making any change in Mrs. White’s thought, this devotional book uses gender-inclusive language."
More information is found on the official EGW Site.
For more information you can contact Jim Nix, Director of the Ellen G. White Estate
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