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Truth Will Win
You’ll never have to fight for truth,

Instead the truth will fight for you;

If you don’t choose to join her troops

Truth still will stand guard over you;

Ne’er panic when you see the truth reviled,

Though she is mauled by falsehood’s canine fangs

And left beside the road to bleed and die,

She lifts herself though battered ‘til she stands.

The sword of truth will pierce all guise

Though long they fight and guile they use

To cloak the truth in robes of lies

And think that none will spot their ruse;

When truth shall lay bare trickery’s treacherous kiss

And lie is dragged in shame for all to see,

It will be known that truth though oft dismissed

Will in the end reclaim her majesty.

   (c) 2010    Richard P Campbell                        
-  -  -  - 
Edible oil poured on your legs
Summer heat on a nascent lawn
Low fat diet of daily eggs,
Your love is hate if overdone,
So tell me frankly what I need —
Not what you think will humor me;
Just be to me a friend indeed.

                 _  _  _  _ 

There will be time to pour the oil

A time to laugh and splurge the sun

But at this time let us forestall

The fun until this thing is done.

Let’s deal with this hard matter first,

Give me a friend who’ll tell the worst,

Not one who’ll fawn and sugarcoat.

  (c) 2010  Richard P Campbell  -  -  -  


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