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Revive Us Again - Mark Finley

Revive  Us  Again 

Topic:   Revival and Reformation

Revive  Us  Again

    by   Mark Finley


       Published in 2010

    Available from ABC 
Mark Finley presented some of the material in this book in a sermon broadcast by the Hope Channel on Dec. 31, 2010 during its Revival and Reformation Week series.

See a video of his sermon
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - - A person Message from Mark Finley
Chapter 2 - - Prayer and Revival
Chapter 3 - - The Holy Spirit and Revival
Chapter 4 - - True and False Revivals
Chapter 5 - - The promised Revival
Chapter 6 - - Evangelism and Revival
Chapter 7 - - Revival and a Finished Work
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2012-03-15 4:37 AM

I have realised the need for prayer.Thanks pastor
2012-03-15 4:41 AM